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How to Block Websites on Chrome Browser: Simple Guide to Block Any Website


Website blocking on chrome is a simple process everyone can do by following provided information and steps. There would be many reasons to block websites on google chrome. For example, some unauthorized websites contain, versus when you open them, they collect your data from your smartphone, desktop, and laptop to hack your emails, bank accounts, and social media accounts.  

Parents also can block websites to protect their children and enhance their learning abilities by allowing them to search only educational content.

At workplaces, the IT department can block social media or the youtube website so that employees would be focused on work and prevent wasting their time on social media use.

Universities, colleges, and even schools around the globe use website blocking on chrome to prevent boys and girls from opening inappropriate websites and staying focused on learning sites.

Who can use the facility of website block on chrome?

Individual users: Individuals can use the website block function in chrome to avoid destructionParents: Parents can use the website block function in chrome to prevent to open of inappropriate websites
Employer: Employers or organizations working 9 to 5 can use the website block function in chrome to prevent employees from social media.Universities, Colleges, and Schools: University is a learning place. IT management of the university can use the website block function in chrome to keep students away from social media and focus on the study

How does the function of blocking websites in chrome work?

When your block any website on google chrome, it enhances the focus and workflow and provides you protection from unauthorized access. There are various websites when we visit hey obtained consent or send cookies to save by allowing them multiple permission or download any music, video, pdf, and software containing programmed viruses to attack our system data and steal confidential information.

Various methods to block websites on chrome, such as adding extensions and network blocking. whenever anyone tries to access such a website, chrome will show no results. Simply blocking a website on chrome makes your life easy because restricting unwanted websites will enhance the Internet or browsing speed. In addition, you can monitor your child’s internet activity

Who to block a website on chrome when using desktop

Step-by-step process

Adding an extension to chrome to block websites is the easiest way to get a ride from unwanted websites on your desktop. To block websites on your desktop chrome, simply visit Chrome Web Store and find block site extensions.

Step 1: Open chrome Chrome Web Store in your chrome browser and see in the left side area you will see an Extension search a “BlocksiSte” or simply click on this link to land on the page.

Step 2: Press the icon “orange shield” in the top right-hand corner of the laptop or desktop screen

Step 3: Press the gear icon on the top of the pop-up window to open the “BlockSite” settings and set a password.

Step 4: Almost you are ready to use block websites on chrome. Simply on the “BlockSite” settings area, press on the “BlockSite” from the given menu on the left, and paste or type the URL of the website which you want to block.

Step 5: You can also use an alternative way to block websites with the “BlockSite.” For this, simply visit the website and then click on the icon BlockSite shield. You will see the option “Block this site” in the pop-up window.

Step 6: To cross-check, now visit the site which was blocked, and you will see an image of a very disappointed puppy.

What is the quickest way to block a website on chrome without an extension?

If you don’t want to use an extension to block a website on chrome, there is another simplest way to do the job. First of all, you must have a “Google Admin account” visit the home page.

Click on

  1.  Devices
  2. Chrome
  3. Settings
  4. Users & Browsers.
  5. Select the top “organizational unit” to block the website on chrome for all users
  6. You can also choose a “child organizational unit” to restrict children from visiting sites
  7. Scroll down and select the “URL Blocking” option. In “URL Blocking” you can enter up to 1,000 URLs
  8. Finally, click to “save.

Final Verdicts

Your work, efficiency, and productivity rely on what you are able to deliver rather than spending a long hour in front of a laptop or desktop screen. Blocking website extensions or simply using a google admin account to block unwanted websites helps you to stay focused and avoid distraction to a minimum.

Techywired provided extensively detailed for you to understand why you need to block websites on chrome to enhance productivity. In addition, step-by-step guidance is also provided to apply website blocking on chrome.  If you want to know about the best AdBlock extensions for chrome, go have a read.


Google Chrome is the leading browser in the world search, and it is the most popular browser for searching for authentic information. The problem is when we are working on the screen, there are maximum chances that we will be de-track by searching URLs of entertainment sites or social media platforms.

To utilize the maximum time for productive work, we need to block such sites from our chrome browsers. This article led you to step by step to block websites on the chrome vie extension and google admin account. You can try both to find which one is most suitable for you to block the websites.


Why do we need to block websites on chrome?

We definitely need to block a website on chrome that is irrelevant to our work, job, and study. Google Chrome allows you to block websites by adding an extension, network restriction, and by using the option of a google admin account. By blocking websites as an employer, you can restrict the employers from using social media, youtube, or any entertainment website.

How can we restrict kids or college goings from visiting inappropriate sites?

No doubt, the Internet is a great source for students and kids to gain knowledge and watch movies and cartoons. In addition, there are many inappropriate sites for children that can spoil their futures. In order to restrict kids and college-going boys, parents can install the extension, can use the network, and use a google admin account to block websites on chrome.

Can we block the website on chrome on iPhone?

We can block the website on chrome while using iPhone. Chrome is the most compatible browser to work on desktops, laptops, and mobile phones, either android or iPhone. However, the latest iPhone models come with a built-in feature to block websites. Here are simple steps to block websites on chrome while using iPhone.

1. Tap on Settings
2. Press Screen Time
3. Go to Content & Privacy Restrictions
4. Move to the bottom and press web content
5. Choose the option “Limit Adult Websites.”
6. Enter website URLs and save

That’s all you need to do to block websites on chrome

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