Volvo’s New Electric Car: Won’t Let You Drive When Drunk


Technology is getting advanced, and if the car detects that you are tired, impaired, or drunk, it is distracted. Imagine if the system of the car stops the car because it detects that you are drunk and cannot drive the car. This is what Volvo’s new electric car brings to the party.

In a new statement by Volvo, they announced the ‘driver understanding system’ that will understand when you are not at your best. The driver understanding system is one of the coolest and best features of the forthcoming flagship EX90 electric SUV of Volvo’s new electric car. It drops in early November as the Volvo company prepares to shift to all electricity by 2030.

Driver understanding is one of the most interesting things that Volvo has decided to prepare for the users in the future. Volvo has planned light detection and ranging sensors (LIDAR) for Volvo’s new electric car. These sensors in Volvo’s new electric car will mount outside the car to help detect the obstacles on the road. The other feature of this sensor in Volvo’s new electric car would be the ability to detect the drivers’ eyes to know whether they are driving impaired or need assistance.

Volvo’s new electric car working features

Volvo’s new electric care will first issue warnings to the driver about the car driving if the sensor detects the driver’s inebriation. Volvo’s new electric car will slow down and then eventually stop it after sensing the incapability of the driver.

Volvo’s new electric car will also show the hazard lights if it detects that the driver is drunk and incapable of driving. Volvo safety expert Emma Tivesten said, “Our research shows that by simply observing where the driver is looking and how often and for how long their eyes are closed.”

Volvo safety expert Emma Tivesten further said that Volvo’s new electric car could tell a lot about the diver’s state. Tivesten also said that they have been working on the calculations of Volvo’s new electric car sensing system that will allow the car to know the driver’s ability and condition. This will help the car know about the driver’s ability and whether the driver is driving under the influence. “By basing its calculations on our research findings, the sensing system allows our cars to identify whether the driver’s ability is impaired, perhaps due to drowsiness, distraction, or other causes for inattention, and to offer extra assistance in a way that best suits the situation, other causes for inattention” being used as a euphemism for driving under the influence, said Tivesten.

Volvo’s new electric car new sensor feature

As the statement by Tivenstenn indicates, Volvo’s new electric car will also be able to sense the different eye patterns with its new upgraded sensor. If the driver is looking at the road very little, then the sensor of the car will detect it, and it may stop the car to avoid the accident.

If Volvo’s new electric sensor detects that the driver is looking at the road too little, it means that the driver is using his phone while driving, and this can cause road accidents. This will indicate the car that the driver is paying very little attention to driving, which could mean that they are under the influence. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has dismissed this new technology by Volvo. He stated that Tesla would not use this tech that Volvo’s new electric car is using. But Volvo’s new electric car’s main purpose is to prevent curb road accidents, which have affected people a lot.

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