Twitter Moves to Subsequent Stage of Testing for its New ‘Status’ Indicators


Do you feel it difficult to provide a suitable context within the 240 characters allowed for tweets? If so, then now you are going to be lucky enough as Twitter’s developing range of tweet status indicators will provide a great and simple way to add an element to your tweets. These status indicators can give you the best communication intent and meaning.

Twitter app researcher Jane Manchun Wong shared the current listing of Twitter status indicators in testing. People will find a pretty unique combination of status indicator alerts. There is a mix of trending popular activities and sayings.

People will not be able to create their own status, and they will only be able to use the preset status indicators, which are quite restrictive. Twitter has been testing its status indicators with the originally available status indicator options. Wong tweeted in July, including a few status indicators that have been culled as part of this extension.

Status Indicators in Use

When people use Twitter, when they add a status, it will be displayed below their user name and their tweet, which will add immediate context to the message. This will help to know the meaning and context of the tweet just by seeing the status indicator which many people use for the same context.

Now status indicators would be searchable, with users able to tap on status indicators. If users see the status indicators, they will list all the tweets that have applied the same activity.

Twitter has been testing these status indicators since 2018 and also previewed the format for status indicator options. This idea helped people list events they were attending, and users often do this by adding the event hashtag to the status tweet. A status indicator will make it easier and help people connect with the event.

Now, Twitter has revised its approach to the markers, making the status indicators more of a sorting option to help people find relevant activity and engagement opportunities. By tapping on the ‘Picture of the Day will become another discovery and engagement element, add your opinion to the tweet.

Benefits of Status Indicators for Users

It will be a very handy way to sort tweets by topics and beneficial for the users. Twitter has added more content discovery and sorting tools over the past few years. It also includes communities, circles for private chats, and topics in the audio tab. Twitter also added the capacity to follow Topic streams, giving more ways into Twitter discussions.

Twitter is not intuitive for people when first starting out the experience of tweeting and getting into trending discussion. The problems users are facing are that the topic algorithms of Twitter and the status indicators are still basic, and sometimes when people use them, they go off-topic with fewer options. This happens because their tweets are being shown on basic keyword mentions and total engagement with each status and tweet but not with relevance.

Twitter has fallen behind other platforms on alignment and algorithm sorting. This is the reason it is seeking more manual intervention by letting people add status markers by status indicators to categorize discussions on Tw.

It is clear that other platforms are more flexible than Tw to show you more content based on your interest. Status indicators might give another chance for it to boost engagements, but there is no official release plan in place for Twitter’s status updates.

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