Apple iOS 16 is still facing issues two weeks after its launch


Apple released their new software, iOS 16, on 12th September 2022, around the launch of their new iPhone models. The new software update has many key features, such as a new personalized lock screen, significant changes in Messages, an updated Maps application with some new features, and a handy Copy and Delete action for screenshots allowing users to take screenshots without saving them. However, users have reported several issues and bugs, such as major battery drainage, slow performance, and Apple CarPlay issues for the new models.

Even though it is normal for issues and bugs to occur after major iOS updates, these issues are typically addressed in the upcoming versions of the software. Most of the time, these complaints from users die down after a few initial days; however, with iOS 16, users have been complaining almost every day, and the number of complaints is consistent.

Updates & Persistent issues in iOS 16

The new iOS was released for all models of the iPhone, and the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro had an iOS 16.0.1 update which did address some of the issues, but not all of them. However, Apple released the new update, iOS 16.0.2, just last week, which addressed one major issue of camera shaking on the iPhone 14 Pro, annoying prompts that were showing up, and much more. However, despite these two updates, users consistently face several issues such as excessive battery drainage, spotlight search not working, Apple CarPlay connectivity issues, Apps crashing, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems, and the display flickering under low brightness. Some users also complained about the phone heating up.

Apple Support has been guiding customers regarding these issues and that users should restart or restore their devices if the issues remain. Apple is also currently working on iOS 16.1, in which hopefully they will be fixing most of these major issues, if not in iOS 16.0.3

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