Artificial Intelligence Art Tools: AI in Beauty Filters Crashing the Gen-Z


Artificial intelligence (AI) is secretly penetrating our lives, and we don’t even realize it when it offers a new solution. From Siri’s reminding you to meet your daily fitness goals to Spotify suggesting the playlists you will love, It’s all AI. And in recent years, the strangest and most horrific bay run by AI are beauty filters and face tuning apps.

A simple source code (Computer version) can now be used to create a set of beauty filters making millions of young girls insecure about their natural features. Our obsession with looking good is the baseline for the developers integrating artificial intelligence into beauty filters. These apps let you smoothen your facial features, like doll eyes, slim face, and narrow nose. Much has been written about – the beauty filter, its effect on our mental health, and how Gen-Z is becoming mentality sick in the race to beautify themselves. But in 2022, The condition is even worse – modern filters are weirder and devious; they are meant to deceive and catfish people. You can’t even tell that there’s a filter on.

How AI in Beauty Filters is Misleading:

Currently, there’s a filter in trending that catches the perfect light and reflections to enhance the makeup you are wearing and turns it into some glittery shades, that’s not necessarily a beauty filter, but a filter that deflect the light on your face into some molten gold highlights and sun-kissed visions with are far away from reality. In a five-second reel, this shiny makeup (eyeliner specifically) had the makeup industries shaking, looking for makeup products that would give you a chromic cast. And afterward, it turned out to be a filter “Blue Diamond by milkchocolate1999that enhanced a white eyeliner, and no makeup product had anything to do with that. A single effect fooled beauty fans and got beauty industries scrambled to update their Chrome makeup ranges. We can say that one filter trolled the whole generation claiming to be beauty enthusiasts, and IT IS NOT OKAY!

Let’s take another filter from the sets of AI beauty filters, the blur filter. It smoothens the face and fine lines and brightens up your complexion, fading the dark marks. This filter once became so popular that professional photographs equipped themselves with cameras fitted with similar features. Yes, celebrities we see on cover pages have that blur filter on, and it’s so inconspicuous you can’t say there’s a beauty filter on. It turns your skin texture into something non-existent. This is problematic, not exaggerating, but people are now hiding behind masks.

AI in Beauty Filters only looks for European and American Features

Another disturbing trend that can be seen now, if you examine the filter closely, is that most beauty filters only adhere to European and American features. AI in beauty filters shows how inclusive their developers are. Smaller mouths, pouty lips, and structured faces are Instagram faces for models “Kardashians” made popular by likes. These filters ditch Asian features to the extent that you don’t even recognize your real face.

“If you look at what Instagram wants, it’s going to be essentially models, right? You’re not going to see a lot of different types of facial features and expressions. And, that’s going to perpetuate this idea of beauty because… of the lack of diversity in what you see in Instagram, and what’s extremely popular on Instagram,” said Lauren Rhue – assistant professor of information systems at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business in a recent podcast with MIT technology review.

Studies show that AI in beauty filters enhancing features to such an artificial level has distorted the mindset of young girls about their natural appearances, and it is traumatizing for women in their 30s as well.

AI intensifying the non-existent beauty standards has forced youngsters to have superficial surgeries for smaller noses and sharp jawlines. The use of contemporary algorithms of AI in beauty filters has completely erased the power of natural ethnic features, which is not acceptable at all.

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