A Metaverse is on the Cards in Sangakara’s New E-sports Plan 


Kumar Sangakkara is no new name in the cricket world. He was an international cricketer who has gained immense popularity over the years. He has come up with the idea to create an esports company with the assistance of entrepreneurs from Australia who are trying to make his dream come true by teaming up with him. The sporting metaverse will be launched with funding from investors who are ready to give generous amounts. Cricket will be the heart of the company.

What Does Mr. Kumar’s Sporting Metaverse Look Like So Far?

Mr. Kumar has been known for his amazing skills as a batsman. He has brought Sri Lanka immense appreciation by being the team’s leader in many matches. His retired seven years back because he wanted to change his field of work in terms of action, but his mind was still on cricket so he switched to media work that involved sports and coaching. Now a metaverse is his next plan and e-sports can be looking forward for a good arrival in a big way.

The sporting metaverse of Mr. Kumar will include training of players and then them playing a cricket match at first in the metaverse. The first match is named Meta11, which we must say seems to be an interesting name!

In Meta11 players can nurture their favorite cricket stars and help them do better. There will be a virtual face-off between teams, now how great is that?

How Badly Does the World Need a Sporting Metaverse? 

Clearly, 2022 is not coming slow in terms of launching the metaverse. For example, racers have been using VR in order to memorize routes for the next race. This can be quite time-saving, safe, and for the most part, a more technologically developed manner. This can be quite interesting for sports lovers who are also technology fans at the same time. This can be a rare combination however these fans would have their dreams come true with the new launch of the esports metaverse. A sporting metaverse means players can train and then play matches in the metaverse. An Apple VR headset may be a compatible choice for this experience.

Is Mr. Kumar’s Venture Into the Esports Business World Likely to be Successful?

He has moved into the world of business with his company called Behaviol which is being overseen right now also by the likes of Krishan Deegalla and company. It is becoming more relevant with each passing day. This might do great if the first match works in the metaverse or else it may fizzle out like any other metaverse that has not been correctly planned. 

Mr. Kumar has his fingers crossed and has said, “When I’m covering cricket now I see the engagement of fans and players with new formats and the exponential growth of digital media rights and digital engagement with the game from fans across the world. So, this feels like a great time to explore this avenue of fan engagement with the virtual world of cricket”.

He seems to be quite excited about his new venture as he plans this exciting venture for his fans. He seems to be giving it a lot of time and attention, with the funding being quite extensive in this. $2.5 million USD has been put in so far, and the plan will remain to ensure the money is spent wisely on the venture. Esports are now more common than ever, and one does need to get a grip on them before entering this world, however, the ones who have already tried, absolutely love them.

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