Which is the best: Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard


The keyboard is one of any computer’s most critical and significant parts. There are numerous keyboard varieties in the market. Do most gamers struggle with the issue of whether they should get a gaming keyboard or go with a regular keyboard for gaming? This question typically aims to determine whether a gaming keyboard is necessary and whether it improves gaming performance.

To respond to this question, you must comprehend the distinction between gaming and standard keyboards and choose which one is the best to purchase. In the market, there are numerous keyboard varieties. There are two of them: a gaming keyboard and a standard keyboard. Regular keyboards are widely available and utilised. At the same time, a gaming keyboard is very convenient and quick to react.

Membrane technology is found in normal keyboards. It is also known as a membrane keyboard for this reason. The layout, in particular, helps you identify the distinctions between these keyboards. But there are some further distinctions with these keyboards. Below, we compare the gaming keyboard to the normal keyboard and offer some comparison information. It will help you to know which one is best for purchase.

There is much more to gaming keyboards than just appearance, design, and lighting. Naturally, a normal keyboard will satisfy all your typing needs and fundamental features. However, the value and efficiency of a gaming keyboard cannot be overstated if you are a professional, especially if you are a player.

What is a gaming keyboard?

A keyboard specifically made to improve comfort, accuracy, and effectiveness is known as a gaming keyboard. They improve controls and aid in improving one’s performance in games. Gaming keyboards include key positioning and curves pleasing to the touch. Since most gaming keyboards have backlighting, it is easier to use them in dim light. Some of these gaming keyboards can withstand water as well. Some gaming keyboards are built to withstand significant collisions, increasing their durability.

A gaming keyboard is built with particular software and hardware to boost performance and dependability. Some keyboards adopt a more streamlined approach, while others contain extra buttons and switches that can execute additional commands and enhance your performance. It’s important to keep in mind that not all gaming keyboards are created equal.

What is a normal keyboard?

A normal keyboard, often known as a regular keyboard, is a straightforward instrument to input text on computers. It consists of several essential parts, including the case, printed circuit boards, key switches, scissor mechanism, and keycaps.

Normal keyboards are not constructed with specific keys and are not as robust as gaming keyboards. Certain keys stop working after intense gaming. Instead, they are made with the needs of regular users in mind (such as typing and easy access to shortcuts). The Letters and digits in the normal keyboards fade quickly, and the majority of these keyboards have a common design.

Pros and cons of gaming and regular keyboards

Every normal and gaming keyboard has some pros and cons that make them more distinguished from each other. These pros and cons will help you to finalise which one is the best gaming keyboard. 

Pros of a gaming keyboard

The majority of gaming keyboards are mechanical. Gaming keyboards are therefore more precise and user-friendly.

  •  The best experience can be had when using a gaming keyboard.
  •   A gaming keyboard’s wonderful advantage is that you can type more quickly.
  •  Gamers must engage in prolonged play. A gaming keyboard is a fantastic solution for pain reduction when typing.
  • The gaming keyboard is the best option in terms of overall user experience. The construction quality is excellent for longevity.
  • A gaming keyboard is the finest option in terms of grip because it provides good stability for greater performance.
  • For gamers to perform better, every bit of momentum counts, and gaming keyboards essentially meet all of their needs.

Cons of a gaming keyboard

There is no denying that gaming keyboards are excellent performers. Though, in some cases, a gaming keyboard does have certain drawbacks.

  • You can’t write quickly on a gaming keyboard because the crucial height is slightly higher.
  • Because of their stability feature, gaming keyboards are heavier than standard keyboards.
  • The majority of gaming keyboards have mechanical keys. So you will find louder key-pressing sounds compared to a regular keyboard.
  • Because of their exceptional performance and high build quality, gaming keyboards cost a lot.

Pros of a normal keyboard

There are several other keyboard editions on the market. Therefore, a normal keyboard has advantages over numerous editions.

  • Normal keyboards have such straightforward designs.
  • You can write quickly on a standard keyboard,
  • There is no sound when a key is pressed on a typical keyboard.
  • The regular keyboards are less expensive than the other types of keyboards.
  • It is lightweight because it is made of plastic. That is why it is best for portability.
  • Normal keyboards are rather compact.

Cons of a normal keyboard

It’s important to remember that regular keyboards are less expensive. So a normal keyboard might have some drawbacks.

  • A normal keyboard is not the best option in terms of stability due to its modest weight.
  • A regular keyboard’s poor build quality prevents it from being a more durable solution.
  • It is smaller in size and composed of plastic.
  • With a standard keyboard, quick answers are not possible.

What makes a gaming laptop best?

Using a premium gaming keyboard is always advised if you are a professional or competitive player who spends a lot of time on the keyboard. There are several benefits to purchasing a gaming keyboard rather than a standard QWERTY keyboard. Below are some of these explanations:

Programmable Keys

Most gaming keyboards come with additional programmable keys. You can assign and bind complicated commands to these extra programmable keys, called macros or macro keys. This is quite beneficial, especially while playing RPG or RTS games. Thus, by using macros, you may attach such a command to a single key rather than pressing seven different keys. So, rather than tapping multiple buttons, you can simply press one key to enter a dominant phase or throw your special powers.

Similarly, if you want consistent commands, you may program a key to activate that command. Some keyboards include their app to assign commands (macros) to programmable keys. In contrast, some keyboards have a shortcut for creating a specific macro for a key. In summary, macros simplify your life by offering you an advantage in accuracy and precision rapidly and efficiently.

Response Time and Mechanical Keys

The majority of high-quality gaming keyboards have mechanical keys rather than membrane ones. While some excellent gaming keyboards use membrane technology, most of the best ones use mechanical keys. The advantage of mechanical keys over normal keyboards is their quicker responsiveness. A typical PC user might not notice this reaction. However, this response time is valuable to a professional gamer.

The main competition in keyboards relates to latency. It is the amount of time it takes for a keyboard key to respond from pressing the key until the action is complete. Typically, response time or latency can be as high as 30 or 35 ms. 

Even though it appears to have a very small and insignificant time impact, this is a huge and important one for competitive and professional gaming. Additionally, mechanical keys give you a wonderful typewriter-like sensation whenever a key is pressed. So you can purchase an excellent gaming mechanical keyboard for gaming and regular writing.

Keyboard RGB Backlighting

In some cases, presentation and aesthetics are as crucial to performance. Both gamers and technology enthusiasts adore the RGB illumination on keyboards as a feature. This capability, which is extremely uncommon in certain standard keyboards, is cool. Backlights can be one colour or several colours. 

This implies that you may have numerous RGB colours or simply one colour, like white or green, lighting up all of the keys. A top-notch gaming keyboard will have numerous backlights in various colours.

All high-quality gaming keyboards let you apply various colours to particular keys. As a result, if you use a low-light keyboard for a specific game or frequently used keys, you might not have any problems.

Similar to this, most high-end tech manufacturers, including Razer, Corsair, and Logitech, provide colour synchronisation to give your whole build a more fantastic appearance. Using this feature, you may synchronise the colour of your PC, mouse, headset, keyboard, and other peripherals. As a result, your system’s overall colour scheme will be fantastic.

Cherry MX Switches

Any mechanical or gaming keyboard will have a phrase written as Cherry MX followed by colour if you ever encounter one. Is it some kind of code? If so, what does that indicate?

Cherry Corp. developed the unique Cherry MX keyboard switches in the early 1980s. These days, practically every gaming keyboard contains these switches. There are numerous types of switches. The trigger force, travel distance, feedback response (tactile, linear, or clicky), and the sound produced by each switch are all unique.

Colour code in switches

The colour code specifies its unique properties. Typically, switches come in seven colours, each defining particular qualities and specifications. According to Cherry MX, these details are in the following picture. 

The RGB Blue will work better for you if you want a hard press on each keystroke in addition to an audible click. However, the RGB Red switches will be your favourite if you prefer completely silent switches that require little force to operate. 

Your preferences and needs will determine the specific types of switches you want in a keyboard. For gamers, for instance, reduced operational power and travel distance are crucial. The reason is a prompt response that requires minimal effort and little tiredness. Others may experience a very different situation.

You could also look into some other excellent Cherry MX switch substitutes. These include the Razer Mechanical Switches, Kailh Copper Switches, Titan Switches, and Romer-G Switches from Logitech, Roccat, and Kailh.

Faster Typing Speed

As you know, mechanical keys are found on most gaming keyboards. It not only gives you a fantastic response time, but your typing efficiency will also significantly increase. You will experience substantially smoother typing because mechanical keys offer the most ease.

You need the fastest keyboard experience possible for competitive Esports and continual typing. The response is relevant from when a key is pressed until the action is accomplished. You won’t feel pain or weariness when hitting the keys on such keyboards. As a result, using a keyboard painlessly for hours is possible.

Using a standard keyboard while gaming occasionally results in delays of 15, 20, or 30 milliseconds. Although it might not seem like much, this is crucial in competitive and professional gaming. Every professional gamer should use a mechanical/gaming keyboard to have an excellent, faster gaming experience.

Durability & Sensitivity

When spending a lot of money on a keyboard, the most important thing to consider is choosing one that will last longer. That is one area where gaming keyboards truly excel. Each key on a gaming keyboard is incredibly strong and long-lasting. A good gaming keyboard should last for about 50 million keystrokes on average. Isn’t this incredible and impressive?

Gaming keyboards are more durable than regular keyboards. A gaming keyboard represents toughness and strength since it has premium mechanical switches and is made to the highest degree of perfection. A normal keyboard is not as robust and long-lasting due to rubber domes and sticky keys.

The sensational feel of a gaming keyboard

The sensational feel of a gaming keyboard is another great aspect. You will notice the premium touch and loud click sound from the first key press. You will find it amazing compared to the soft, spongy feeling provided by the rubber domes of a standard keyboard. There are also several choices for those who prefer quiet gaming keyboards with a premium feel and touch. A keyboard’s properties, such as trigger force and sound, are determined by the many-colored switches, such as Cherry MX.

Build & Aesthetics

A gaming keyboard has truly incredible build quality. A gaming keyboard survives considerably longer because of its superb build quality and design. A gaming keyboard is pricey, but its sturdy parts, attractive design, and high-quality material make it worthwhile.

Similarly, a gaming keyboard’s aesthetics and attractiveness make it true love. A gaming keyboard has all these features, including RGB backlighting, high-quality parts, vibrant buttons, and various colours. These features are absent from standard keyboards since the majority of standard keyboards are only available in black and white.

Customised Control Pads

The feature of customised control pads is incredibly motivating and practical for a gamer. You get a customizable control pad on the left side of the keyboard. You will have a control pad with several custom keys surrounding it.

The WASD keys are widely used in games to move players or objects, as in most games. The control pad imitates these WASD keys to manage your character, giving you unlimited freedom. As a result, you will have complete freedom to specify the WASD keys for different purposes. Additionally, you can set a frequently used function for each custom key. As a result, you can quickly and completely control your character in a game environment.

Comfort and Functionality

Gaming keyboards are made to be functional and comfortable for players. Because they are unique from standard keyboards, they are excellent for gamers. These keyboards use the smallest actuation points to allow quick and effortless typing. Switches are used in construction to produce the quietest experience possible, mechanical. This is because most keyboard actuation noise might distract gamers trying to concentrate on playing games.

The gaming keyboards are also more functional than a standard keyboard. It boasts a bigger keyboard and a higher level of sensitivity. It has several functionalities that a standard keyboard does not. There are several buttons, and they are very functional. 

As a result, there are numerous buttons that you can modify to carry out various functions, which is much faster than a standard keyboard. That is why gaming keyboards make the best peripherals for passionate gamers.

Exclusive Software

The Exclusive software with high-end gaming keyboards frequently enables you to enhance and personalise your keyboard. Some examples include HyperX NGenuity, Razer Synapse, Logitech G Hub, and Corsair iCUE.

The software keeps the firmware up to date and automatically recognizes the manufacturer’s peripherals. Additionally, it lets you control many character profiles within a game and quickly swap between them.

Advantages and disadvantages of gaming and normal keyboard

All the normal and gaming keyboards perform according to their functions. But there are always advantages and disadvantages to everything. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of gaming keyboards versus normal keyboards.

Gaming KeyboardLighter KeypressSuper typing feedbackEssential key rollover compatibilityLonger lifespanPremium Build QualityCustomizationHigh priceLoud soundHeavyweight
Regular KeyboardQuiet (don’t make much noise)LightweightAffordable PriceNo Key rolloverHeavy keypressShorter lifespan 

The Final Verdict

Due to the high-end functionality, gaming keyboards might be a fantastic choice for gamers as everything can be done faster than on a regular keyboard on a mechanical keyboard. Also, there is a scope of key customization on a mechanical keyboard. Finally, a gaming keyboard’s user-friendly design allows for prolonged gaming sessions.

Many people don’t think there is much difference between gaming and regular keyboards. A gaming keyboard’s extra customization choices and functionality can give you a little advantage over your competitor. In contrast to standard keyboards, Gaming keyboards can be expensive. But if you play video games competitively, purchasing one is probably worthwhile. Using a gaming keyboard will show you the difference between success and failure.


Regular keyboards and gaming keyboards both generally have the same functionality. Both are suitable for basic computer tasks and games. Mechanical or membrane technology can be used to actuate normal and gaming keyboards. Mechanical switches are best for gaming keyboards since they offer higher reaction time and actuation benefits. In contrast, membrane switches are more affordable, making them the preferred choice for everyday gadgets. Overall, in terms of functionality and user experience, a gaming keyboard is well invested in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features make a gaming keyboard better than a regular keyboard?

Most prefer to use a gaming keyboard instead of a normal one. The gaming keyboards are more durable, reliable, tactile, and faster. Its build quality and backlighting and the more prominent features that attract you towards it. Most importantly, they are gaming keyboards more suitable for playing games and an overall better experience.

Does it make a difference if I use a gaming keyboard?

Yes, gaming keyboards make a difference if they have useful features, including the N-key rollover, mechanical switches, and a wired connection. There are also extra features in the gaming keyboards that don’t play any role in making you a better gamer but are useful for playing games.

What are the pros of a gaming keyboard?

There are various pros of a gaming keyboard that enhance its working and provide a better user experience. The gaming keyboards last longer than the normal keyboards and are faster and easier to use. They are more comfortable and precise. More significantly, they are more responsive to keystrokes and provide stronger feedback.

Can I use a gaming laptop for regular use?

Well, a gaming laptop is suitable for both gaming and regular use. It functions like a gaming keyboard and can be used for the same purposes as a regular keyboard. A gaming keyboard has all the functions that are necessary for normal use. So, you can also use a gaming keyboard for normal use.

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