The U.S. and Allies Join forces on Chip Making: Preventing China from Attaining Next Level


The west often resorts to alliances and so is the case here in chip making. Leading chip making nations plan to form an alliance and that includes the USA. They plan to make their semiconductor supply chain security in order to prevent China from attaining the next level. China can be a threat to other powerful countries right now and they know taking China down single-handedly is impossible, therefore here comes the alliance that they have been pondering upon for quite some time. It finally is coming into existence.

Which Countries are Involved in the Chip Making Alliance Against China?

The United States, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan are planning on forming a computer chip making alliance against China because they themselves have very strong semiconductor industries. As per Pranay Kotasthane, chairperson of the High Tech Geopolitics Programme at Takshashila Institution, “The immediate reason for all this is definitely China”. 

China and their Critical Technology Development

It is no surprise that China is actually quite advanced when it comes to its technology and at this point, other countries may be feeling a little threatened by their chips facilities. It does trigger an alliance at this point because once China reaches the next level in chip making it may even become a problem. China seems to be forming a perfect form for its chip making industry and it does not need any alliances at this point. 

What Does Everyone Have to Say About the Alliance?

“What has happened is there are many companies spread across the world doing small parts of it, which means there’s a geopolitical angle to it, right? What if one company doesn’t supply the things that you need? What if, you know, one of the countries sort of puts things about espionage through chips? So those things make it a geopolitical tool. The other geopolitical significance is just related to Taiwan’s central role in the semiconductor supply chain. And because China-Taiwan tensions have risen, there is a fear that you know, since a lot of manufacturing happens in Taiwan, what happens if China were to occupy or even just that there are tensions between the two countries?” Kotasthane said.

The alliance of countries may bring China’s downfall in that department because of course two are better than one. These alliances usually form against China because it is a country that is quite progressive and is going forward sooner than soon. 

China also holds close alliances with many countries. It has support from some very developed countries as well. 

However, at the same time, it does not have any chip making alliances that could make things better for it at such a time when the rest are against the powerful country. China however will surely come up with a solution on its own. As it seems it is looking forward to any competition and is quite prepared to tackle such issues.

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