Samsung SmartPhones Batteries Are Swelling Up


We have heard of many instances when Samsung has come under fire for heating up to the point of explosion and hence people keep a close check on the temperature of their phones. However, in the latest twist, Samsung smartphones users have reported that their batteries are swelling up unexpectedly. The swollen battery issue is taking over fast. 

Are Samsung SmartPhones Batteries Swelling up Due to Extra Usage or Any External Conditions?

Well, no, that does not seem to be the case because even Samsung devices that are kept stored and in drawers are swelling up. This clearly does not have anything to do with battery usage. This was discovered when a tech reviewer tried to make a video of his Samsung phones and realized that the batteries had swelling on them. He tweeted about the situation and Samsung has to answer back after examining the phones and trying to understand the issue.

The temperature in the house has been the same throughout therefore one cannot say that there are any external factors involved. There were other people who could relate to the situation as well which made the reviewer understand that there were a lot more people involved and hence this is an issue widely reported by Samsung smartphones. 

This means it should be made better before it turns into a fiasco such as for example the fiasco that happened when phones started exploding. This was not long before and since then Samsung has come a long way, however, they should do more research on how they are manufacturing their batteries because usually, the complaints are about their batteries and nothing else.

 Apple has gotten few complaints regarding their cameras however this is not an issue that Samsung ever faced, they mostly get backlash over the ways their batteries clash.

Are Samsung SmartPhones Otherwise Safe?

Yes definitely, Samsung smartphones are otherwise safe but this is one issue that has been reported about heating up Samsung phones, but this is the first time there have been reports of them swelling up. This can be a manufacturing defect because if environmental factors are not involved then it has to be a manufacturing problem.

So far, such a phone has not been reported elsewhere in other phones, for example, iPhone has not reported such a problem and neither have any such phones. Samsung smartphones users are now checking their phones and even the ones they have kept in storage, they are checking and making sure there is no serious worry. 

After all, these phones cost a lot, and then they stop working, for this reason, can be rather frustrating for a user who is otherwise looking forward to enjoying their phone for years.

However, be it whichever phone, one should always keep a check on them because they are devices at the end of the day, and the ones who have gotten hurt due to devices exploding have gotten some serious injuries and that is not something reversible. 

Burn injuries can really damage a person’s skin, so taking a risk should never be the case and Samsung should definitely start giving precautions now that they are aware of this issue. There should be warnings and the Samsung smartphones section should discontinue their phones for a while until this issue is fully resolved. This will be a better deal for the users and for the company itself to make sure that all sides stay safe and content with the services and with the usage of the tech giant.

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