Samsung Mission Green: $5 Billion to be Invested


As the world moves towards a greener tomorrow, many giant companies, such as Apple, have started investing in their environmental strategy and are working towards zero carbon emissions. Most recently, Samsung has also invested almost $5 billion in green initiatives by the year 2030 and aims to target net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.

Samsung has also joined the global renewable energy initiative, RE100, and has proclaimed that the company is heavily invested in research and development to increase water reuse and develop energy-efficient products and carbon capture techniques.

The CEO of Samsung, Han Jong-Hee, gave his remarks on this new venture by discussing how climate change is a global threat, how Samsung is working towards reducing emissions and practicing new techniques that would promise a better planet. He also emphasized that Samsung is expected to reduce almost 17 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Samsung’s “Green Plan” looks to reduce greenhouse gases and carbon emissions resulting from chip production and plans to install treatment facilities on their production lines. They also plan to develop ultra-low power memory chips for their data centers and consumer electronics by 2025. In addition, they plan to make renewable energy the primary power source within five years.

Like other companies, Samsung is also looking to reduce waste and by-products across their product lifecycles by shifting to a circular economy.

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