Samsung Galaxy S24: Will Launch with WiFi 7 Connectivity Soon


2024 will be an interesting year for the ones who are looking forward to new internet connectivity standards. Samsung Galaxy series has never failed to impress, if we must be super excited, then Samsung Galaxy S24 is all set to launch in 2024. That is exciting news enough, however, one must also be aware of the fact that it will be launching with Wi-Fi 7 connectivity, so the wait becomes all the more alluring!

Samsung Galaxy S24 and its Link to WiFi 7: What To Expect?

These days lately the phones that have been launched come with the connectivity of Wi-Fi 6. This means that Samsung Galaxy S24 will be a surprise for many phone and browsing lovers. This is preparation for the bigger connectivity dreams that Samsung is holding up for its users. The phones will come into the market in 2024 which is at least two years from now, however, the ones who are waiting should plan their purchase of phones accordingly. 

This will be a pioneering attempt by Samsung Galaxy S24 as it will be the first to launch Wi-Fi 7 connectivity. This gives it an edge over many other phones of 2024. People already expect a lot from the Samsung series and this will surely bring about a better change. These days the dependency on internet connection has become really serious, with people doing most things online, including their work. Some people also work on their phones in times of urgency. So this can be a helpful move for them for sure we can say.

What are the Benefits of the Samsung Galaxy S24 having Wi-Fi 7?

When it comes to speed, Wi-Fi 7 can deliver speed much faster, at least 2.4 x fast than the previous Wi-Fi 6. 33 Gbps value can be attained by this particular new Wi-fi edition. The devices can bring physical and medium access control improvement and can use at least 300 MHz channels. It can also continue to manage the operation with frequency 2.4, 5 GHz going up to 6.

Start of 2024, we will be able to see the first routers and laptops which will have the edge of Wi-Fi 7. This could mean a lot for the user who has gaming trouble with lesser connectivity or has meetings that can be hindered by connectivity worries, etc.

What Else Can be Expected from the Samsung Galaxy S24?

There can definitely be a lot more expected. One can always wait for the graphics and modes that the phone will be able to offer. Two years later, it may come with some advancements that are not even available yet and that we have no knowledge of because two years is a long time for developments and new offerings to come up. 

However, it is known that it will have great systems when it comes to sound, video, charging, battery, keypad, etc. The screen will also be much better in terms of being less harmful to the average person’s eyes in the future. With time, phones are becoming more actively engaging in keeping the average person feel better in terms of the more damaging phones that existed earlier which did not really have filters to protect the person’s eyes from filters, etc.

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