OnePlus Nord Watch: Specs & Renders Got Leaked


OnePlus Nord Watch seems to be the topic of interest these days after the leak of its specs and more. It is quite reasonable compared to the OnePlus Watch, and therefore channels are trying their best to focus on it. There have been quite a few leaks related to it already. Let us see what exactly they are!

Leaks of OnePlus Nord Watch

It is said to be black and dark blue in color no matter from what angle it is seen. It has an appearance that resembles a rectangle and the right side of the screen has a button that can be easily used, sounds familiar? Well, yes definitely sounds familiar to an Apple Watch! However, the OnePlus Nord Watch is not as expensive.

What to Expect From the Software of the OnePlus Nord Watch? 

The software supports many health-related features such as stress and sleep assessment, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate. It will be quite an updated software and therefore one may feel very relaxed with it.

Screen, battery, and Other Details of the OnePlus Nord Watch

The OnePlus Nord Watch will be at least 1.78 inches and 60Hz AMOLED panel. There will be 105 fitness modes which is a great number and you can choose from either. On September 6th, more will be revealed. I have a battery of up to at least more than ten days and that is something awesome! 30 days will be a possibility in standby mode which is again great. It can be used with iPhones or with Android, whatever suits the user.

Price of OnePlus Nord Watch (Approximately as of Now)

It could cost around $200 since the previous one also did not cost much. However, one can say it will definitely be worth the amount as it does come with a lot of warranty, as the previous OnePlus Nord Watch also seemed to make users quite content, whoever bought the watch seemed quite happy and able to manage it well.

These watches often start holding quite a special place in the user’s life because it makes a user content and happy with the way it monitors their life, even their health. Health these days is essential and instead of checking yourself, again and again, it is better than a watch is monitoring your heartbeat anytime!

Leaks often happen beforehand and as annoying as they sound, they can be great for the buyer to decide if they even want to buy the watch. This makes a person feel free to decide what they really want, as specs make it an easier decision for them, and in this case, the details seem quite well! Therefore, it seems like buyers will be rushing to buy the new watch that has already quite a fanbase with the previous one that came into the market. This will surely be an upgrade and people will definitely love it more.

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