Detective Pikachu 2 is Nearing Completion


It was last in 2019 that we saw Pokemon Detective Pikachu working its magic in the entertainment world. The action comedy was a complete hit and won people’s hearts with its light and entertaining nature. Now it is confirmed that Detective Pikachu 2 is also nearing completion. This confirmation is posted through the LinkedIn of one of the programmers, therefore this has got to be legit news!

What Should We be Expecting From Detective Pikachu 2?

It is an adaptation of the much famous Nintendo 3Ds game which has the same name and the same character! This has been a risk-taking chance for the makers because not every movie can be as good as the game, however, the people enjoyed it thoroughly when the first part came, therefore it is expected that the second part will also bring about some great work. It all comes down to the amazing direction of Rob Letterman, CGI work, and Ryan Reynolds giving it his best shot voicing the famous and most loved Pikachu!

The story revolves around Tim Goodman who comes back to Ryme City to see if he can find his father who has been missing and the detective of the city Harry Goodman tries to make things easier by resolving the case with the assistance of Pikachu, Harry’s Pokemon. Tim is able to assess the language of Pikachu. Detective Pikachu will be a great ride for sure.

How Much Money is Detective Pikachu 2 Expected to Make?

It is expected to make a lot of money given that the earlier franchise made at least $433 million which is a staggering amount on its own. There is always money involved where Pikachu is clearly there, because people like to pay to view the adventures of Pikachu, and especially with the help of Ryan Reynolds, people would really be mesmerized by the combination. Animated characters over time have become big-time favorites of people as people have been seeing them for decades now.

Detective Pikachu 2: The Cast

What is known yet is that Ryan Reynolds may be on the cast because without him the entertaining portion may just go down. Ryan has always been great at comedy and even in real life his loving rants with his wife Blake Lively are simply the best! He will bring some life to the second installment as well. The film is all set to be released in 2024 which is a long time from now however people cannot wait already, and just cannot keep calm! Detective Pikachu 2 will be released in cinemas, not before 2024.

Ryan Reynold was seen in Adam’s Project last and this will surely be another exciting venture for his career. The franchise has a huge fan following as people have grown up seeing Pikachu and often the games have taken over like a wild storm. Therefore, it is much expected that Detective Pikachu 2 may just bring about a lot of expectations to life of fans of Pikachu. 

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