Apple’s Touch ID May Never Come Back Again


When Apple ditched its Touch ID technology in 2017 and introduced Face ID, starting with the iPhone X, the world was very skeptical about this technology and whether it was safer and more secure than touch ID. Initially, there were a lot of bugs related to Touch ID, such as delayed unlocking, twins being able to lock each other’s iPhones, and many more. The tech world was upfront with criticizing how Face ID might be a big failure and could never replace Touch ID. However, now in 2022, Face ID is much more secure and faster than ever, so Apple may never bring back its Touch ID technology.

Since the dawn of Face ID in 2017, there have been numerous reports and rumors about how Apple researched better upgrades for the Touch ID and how it may make a return on its premium line of iPhones. However, the news that Touch ID may make a comeback seems farfetched and may never happen. People have become so used to the Face ID technology that bringing back the Touch ID may result in a backlash. Plus, those still interested in Touch ID and skeptical about face recognition can still pick up the less premium iPhone SE. Apple also provides Touch ID on other products, such as the iPad and Apple Magic Keyboard.

Android’s Touch Technology

Compared to Apple’s iPhone, most premium Android phones with an AMOLED panel are coming up with in-display fingerprint scanners that work quite fast and are very secure. Most android phones still have a fingerprint scanner on the side or the back, along with face recognition technology. However, despite face recognition technology in their phones, android users think that fingerprint technology is much safer than that, and Apple’s Face ID is much more secure than Android’s.

The rumors that Apple might bring back the touch ID technology come from the news that Apple has been testing an in-display fingerprint sensor, which would work similar to the ones in an Android device, but with Apple’s technology. There are also reports that Apple might include the touch ID technology in the power buttons of their iPhone devices. However, the chances of the Touch ID making a comeback on the numbered iPhone series are very slim.

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