Is a Gaming Chair Worth it? Pros & Cons, Features and Benefits


Gaming has seen a great increase in recent years and a huge amount of audience has appeared on the different platforms. It got started from the passion, now has become a proper profession with so much vast exposure encapsulating it.  Games becoming more graphics intensive which let the gamers stick to their place for longer gaming sessions. This gets to our main question of this article: is a gaming chair worth it?

Anyhow, if you are about to spend a huge amount of hours in front of a gaming rig, just think about your back and spine for a moment sitting in the same posture for hours in a simple chair. This will surely result in back pains and spasms in the end. All you need is a perfect gaming chair for your gaming sessions. Therefore, our experts have compiled a guide just for you before selecting a perfect gaming chair. 

However, before moving towards our main topic, let me tell you about what a gaming chair is.

What is a Gaming Chair?

From the past decade, gaming has seen a clear boost and gamers from around the world are spending an immense amount of hard work in playing high end games. A proper seat with great ergonomics and high build quality will be the requirement from your side. Gaming chairs come quite in handy when we are discussing such a delicate topic. 

These special chairs have been designed for professionals which are going to spend quite a long time sitting and enjoying the game. There are so many designs out there in the market, but primarily each design follows a sports car bucket seat structure. There are many features which differentiate a gaming chair from a simple modest furniture. Let’s just start with the features of a gaming chair which would answer your question directly: is a gaming chair with it?

Features of a Gaming Chair

After a proper introduction given above, we are set to explore the features which you guys should look out for in a gaming chair. These features would not only help in deciding the chair but will also guide you why a professional needs a proper gaming chair in their life. This list will work marvels for you and open a new dimension of comfort and relaxation which you were missing.

Here is the list of 7 features of which you guys should note down before making the purchase:


The first and foremost purpose of acquiring a gaming chair is comfort. Games demand an intense amount of hours sitting in front of your gaming rigs, and you guys are going to sit in that same position for quite a huge amount of time so having the comfort is what you need from a gaming chair. 

Absence of comfort in a normal chair is evident as your back gets numb after spending the first few hours on it. Gaming becomes much more difficult when you guys are not feeling relaxed and comfortable. So keeping all these factors in mind, gaming chairs are designed to deliver comfort with their ergonomic design and support for your back.

Games like The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, Forza Horizon 5 and Far Cry 6 require an intense amount of concentration and dedication for long hours. Having a comfortable gaming chair at your back will cost you an overall good performance in accomplishing the tasks in this gaming world.

Material for Gaming Chair

Material plays a huge role in the gaming chair. There are basic three materials employed in the gaming chair which are high end foam, fabrics and leather, and mesh. All of these materials will provide their own benefits and actually depend on the gamer’s preference. 

High-end foam is used in the seats for cushioning purposes and engulfing the full back of the gamer. Memory foam is employed in most of the gaming chairs to provide the ultimate comfort experience.

Fabric and leather material is employed for the high-end gaming chairs. Leather material is used for giving an elegant and clean look overall to the gaming chair. Lines and shape becomes quite clear with high-end foam inside of leather covered gaming chairs. If you guys are not looking for leather then you have the option of Poly-Urethane which is a perfect alternate of leather.

Fabric on the other hand provides the full racing vibe to the gaming chair. If you guys want sporty chairs with curves and edges included then a fabric gaming chair can deliver you the best. Fabric provides the option of choosing between a huge variety of colors and themes which will enhance the gaming vibe as well. Mostly twitch and steam users go for the fabric enhanced gaming chairs as they say “it helps them get things done”.

Mesh gaming chairs are not the prettiest things out there aesthetically. These gaming chairs have got all the tricks and features of the fabric and leather gaming chairs. Mostly this section of gaming chairs is employed by the official users which have to park their back on the same place for more than 8 hours. One simple and modest feature of the mesh gaming chair is the space ergonomics, which is quite good.

Tyres and Roller

A gaming chair is not about sticking to one point and spending a continuous amount of 4-5 hours of gaming. Tyres and rollers at the base of the gaming chair will help you to move around the space easily. Gamers tend to move around quite a bit and locate the things in their near vicinity so these tyres and rollers help a lot. Tyres and rollers are made of heavy duty hard plastic which will perform good for you in every aspect.

This design feature distinguishes the gaming chair from the normal furniture and one can relax and watch movies on the other side of the room with a simple push.

Neck and Back Support

Most of the gamers have developed neck and back aches with longer sitting in inappropriate positions during gaming. Most of the household furniture does not come with the neck and back support and using them while gaming will result in aches. A gaming chair comes equipped with excellent padding for neck and back support which will provide cushioning for both of these.

Strong and steady posture is required by the gamers for fluent and efficient gameplay. Gaming chairs from decent brands have employed proper neck rest and lumbar support cushions which will remove all unnecessary aches of the body.

If you guys are looking for a gaming chair our experts recommend trying sitting on it for one and judge the balance it provides you with neck and lumbar support. This will make a huge difference in your gaming overall compared to your gaming on a couch or a simple household furniture. A fun fact to mention here a gamer always pays regular visits to a chiropractor for spine and back adjustment.

Customizable Height & Position

A gaming chair holds a high point in the furniture section with features which control the height and position of the user. These gaming chairs are designed in order to change the height and position of the chair accordingly with the user. 

A simple point to look at these chairs is the placement of the armrest, which can be adjusted to a certain height according to your needs. Placement of hand is of pivotal importance in the gaming world as you guys are comfortable and can perform in a certain pose.

A gaming chair can change the position according to the user’s need and can recline to a certain huge angle. At this angle you will be able to relax your back and get your mojo on after a relaxing nap. Height of the chair can be maintained to a perfect eye-level with the screen in order to have a gaming experience.

How does a gaming chair make a difference?

Now we have discussed all the features of the gaming chair which will be offered to any gamer. Gaming chairs have quite a lot to offer than on their spec sheets. So here are our top selected benefits you get while using a gaming chair while gaming.

Health Benefits

Let’s be honest about this, you guys have a passion for gaming but this can have a high amount of pressure mounting on your back and spine. Body posture is of higher importance in gaming performance than expected, if you guys have back problems while sitting in an uncomfortable position then you are in need of a gaming chair.

Acquiring a gaming chair will help you achieve a strong back, spine and neck while gaming. A healthy amount of blood will run through your hands and feet with optimum sitting position. All the leading gamers have acquired the best gaming chair for their gaming career. If you guys have a question, why do you need a gaming chair? 

For example, you are playing a high-intensity game and are stuck in between a difficult situation and your back hurts for a moment and you have to make a slight change in the posture and boom you got yourself killed. This is where a gaming chair will change the whole scenario for you guys by providing the best sitting position and posture for you guys.

Better Hand-Eye Coordination

With a gaming chair, you can adjust your position according to the best view available. Typical furniture of a household cannot be adjusted according to the level of your gaming rig. These simple furniture chairs cannot provide the best hand-eye coordination to the gamers. These chairs are not able to adjust according to the optimum height.

Gaming is all about hand-eye coordination and if you guys are not properly oriented with your screen then you cannot simply perform great in the gaming adventures. Here gaming chairs can perform excellently for you guys and you can adjust your height, position of chair and posture of your body as well. Most of the gamers of this era are focused on setting their platform perfectly before starting the game.

Aesthetic Appeal

Last point of this guide for you is the overall aesthetic appeal of the gaming chair. Nice and sharp colors of gaming chairs will enhance the overall vibe of the gaming setup. If you guys are investing in your gaming career then you guys must select a perfect gaming chair for your gaming adventures. 

All the leaders in the twitch and steam platforms have dedicated gaming chairs for themselves. If you guys are going to buy a gaming chair then one should look for making a style statement as well. One can easily customize its gaming chair with their names styled on the backs which is a great feature of having a gaming chair.

Final Verdict: Techywired

Now that we have reached the final point of this article, is a gaming chair worth it or not? Yes! To a greater extent. If you guys are investing on a gaming PC or gaming laptop and you are not sitting in a comfortable position to play the games then all of this investment will be in vain. 

That’s why our experts have suggested you acquire a gaming chair and this whole experience is worth it. If you have been eyeing on a perfect chair for your gaming adventure then I hope you find this guide the best for you.

If you guys found this article pretty informative and have got an answer to your query, you can add knowledge to your other gamer friends by sharing this with them!

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