Tesla Solar Roof Review: Sleekest Solar Preference That Makes Your Roof Amazing


Nowadays, people are converting their roofs to solar panel roofs, and the rate of solar roofs is increasing daily. Tesla solar roof made a big hit in the market by purchasing SolarCity in 2016. It boosted the capacity of solar installation. Although its share has contracted in previous years, it is still considered one of the largest companies in the United States that install solar systems. These roofs are more expensive than traditional ones, but they generate electricity more effectively.

If you don’t like your Roof’s design or are fed up with the regular Roof, it’s time to replace it with a solar panel. Tesla roofs provide a strong warranty of at least 25 years, but it is possible if you have money to afford it. You can get any solar panel or Roof for a reasonable price, but they might not be efficient enough to produce electricity. It is obvious that if the price of two things is different from each other, they are surely different in quality. 

Before we get into the in-depth review of Tesla solar panels, let's know what the Tesla solar roof is.

What is the Tesla Solar Roof?

Tesla solar roof is a photovoltaic product that is integrated into buildings. It works like solar panels and uses solar shingles to gather solar energy. The whole setup is called building integrated photovoltaics. The tesla shingles are two types of textured glass-like shingles.   

  • Active solar shingles
  • Inactive solar shingles

When you decide to convert your Roof into a Tesla solar glass roof, the whole Roof will be replaced with active and inactive solar shingles. The tiles containing solar cells are called active solar shingles and are used to produce solar energy. The inactive shingles do not make any energy and function as regular shingles.

Tesla Solar Roof: Cost

It has been discussed earlier that Tesla charges much more for its solar roofs than a traditional solar system. It is not easy to estimate the price of a full Solar Roof, but roughly, an active solar roof tiles charge $1.80 per watt.

Moreover, the price varies according to the structure of your Roof. If the Roof has too complex a system, you might need to spend a huge amount for an entire Solar Roof, but you would have some advantage if the sunroof's structure is not too. The price skyrockets as you increase the size and complexity of the Roof. There is no fixed price set by Tesla for Solar Roof, but it costs almost $20 per square foot of the total area of your Roof. 

The removal of the existing Roof is also charged by Tesla. The rate of tearing the Roof is almost $3.55 per square foot. It is a ridiculously high price that not everybody can afford, so getting a regular roof replacement is recommended if you have a trustworthy company on your list. Probably, they will charge less than Tesla is charging.

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Tesla Solar Roof specifications: What you get

If you have not installed the Tesla Solar Roof yet, you will wonder what you will get after installing it. Below I have explained all the specifications that will help you decide whether or not to install Solar Roof from Tesla. 


There is no doubt that all solar shingles could seem the same, but how would you believe that all of them produce the same energy? Tesla designs such shingles that fulfill your energy needs. The system ensures that the company will install only as many shingles as required to produce energy according to your needs.


Many companies offer multiple designs of solar roof panels, such as state glass tile, smooth glass tile, Tuscan glass tile, textured glass tile, and many more, but Tesla only offers one shingle design. According to the Tesla website, each shingle's dimension is 15inches by 45 inches and 5mm thick. It is made of glass, fiberglass, silicon, and polymers. The design of this shingle resembles the creation of a traditional shingle.


One thing that I admire about Solar Roofs by Tesla is its warranty. As compared to other companies, Tesla provides a 25-year product warranty. It also guarantees that the solar Roof will provide "Rated Peak Power" not less than 95% after five years. The installation can decline to 90% in the next 15 years and barely reduce to 85% in 25 years. The inverter offers half of a 25 (12.5) year warranty. Although the warranty of Tesla Solar Roof is reliable, the inverter's warranty is less than any other microinverters that guarantee at least 20 to 25 years.

Tesla Solar Roof: competitors

The development of solar shingles and solar roof panels has been growing for many years but Tesla is not the only company famous for solar roof panels. Many other companies offer their services and have become prominent in the field. Below are some of the Tesla competitors that provide almost the same products.


Suntegra is at the front line of the companies that manufacture solar roofs. This company announced offering its two solar roof products just a few times before Tesla company announced its solar shingles. The roof shingles of Suntegra are designed with low-profile material and are almost 17% efficient. The solar tiles of Suntegra are also less efficient and designed with standard flat concrete tile to be integrated into the roofs.

Certain Teed

Certain Teed is originally a roofing company and offers its solar roof products with similar strategies of integration with Suntegra. It also makes solar roofs with low-profile material less efficient than Solar Shingles on Tesla.


The solar shingles of Luma can be integrated with all roofing materials, and the installation process is similar to the other traditional solar roofs installed. The efficiency of Luma solar roofs is 22.1%, which is upgradeable and efficient.

Note: All the companies, including Suntegra, Certain Teed, and Luma, are in the line of the competitors of Tesla, but it is important to consider that no one can compete with Tesla Solar Roof. One thing to remember is that Tesla is best for its aesthetics but also uses low-profile BIVP solutions.

Tesla Solar Roof: Pros and Cons

Tesla is a famous company for its solar roof services. People get excited to hear about its every announcement. Still, it is considering looking for the pros and cons of the Tesla Solar Roof before deciding to integrate this system.

Durability: It received the highest rating for wind, hail, and fire resistance.Unreliable: The increment of the discrete parts increases the possibility of failing hardware.
Early Adoption: It is one of the "first get your hands on" systems for people who love to install solar roofs.  Expensive: It is not within reach of every layperson.
Wow factor: Its design is excellent and amazes people with its look.Untested technology: There are certain flaws in the technology used in Tesla Solar Roofs.
Warranty: It provides a 25 Years warranty to its customers.Late installation: People must wait a long time to install their Solar Roof system.  

The Final Verdict

Tesla Solar Roof is an excellent product. It requires a huge amount to be integrated. It is the best solution for every person who is an early adopter and has the budget to spend on a costly Solar Roof. It is cutting-edge technology and is highly demanded by many people.

The people who invest in Tesla Solar Roof might be struggling with instant maintenance compared to a traditional solar system when needed. You can also check the news of Tesla Solar Roof to know how people work with its production to catch up with the demand. You must be running according to Tesla's schedule. They are far better at creating hype for new products than meeting the deadline for production.


Tesla, no doubt, is a solid choice for you if you like to look forward to a solar roof company with transparent information about pricing. It acquires a modern design that attains the attention of the people, but everyone can afford the budget to integrate its solar Roof.

You can consider installing Tesla's solar Roof if you can meet its financial needs and have the courage to complete an expensive investment. It is also proficient at investing in such a system if you have access to Tesla Certified installers. If you cannot meet its expenses, it would be better to go for a traditional solar roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long does the Tesla Solar Roof last?

Solar roof tiles are designed as extremely reliable and durable as they are made of glass. Tesla provides a warranty of 25 to 30 years for its solar Roof, which is quite advantageous compared to any other solar roof.

Can the Tesla Solar Roof get heated?

Yes, the tiles of the roofs are heated, which means they can be installed in a less sunny area, and this system can also be installed during winter. It doesn't matter if the weather is cloudy, snowy, or gloomy.

Can I consider Tesla Roofs durable?

According to Tesla, solar shingles are three times stronger than a traditional solar roof. The roofs are easy to install in every type of season. It means they are quite durable.

Is installing a Tesla Solar Roof worth it?

Installing this solar Roof is worth it, but this investment can only be troubling when you have to wait for its installers to come and integrate the solar Roof.

Why should I go for a Tesla Solar Roof?

You should go for Tesla's Solar Roof if you don't mind its regular maintenance and like to buy cutting-edge technology.

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