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Google Pixel phone has found its way into the lives and hearts of people with its uncomplicated and great services. Google has now introduced a feature that is much more protected on Pixel phones for mobile traffic. This feature will ensure automatic encryption of activities when one is browsing on the device amidst being in connection with the Fi network. The feature can be accessed on the Pixel 4 series and upwards.

Privacy is now much more ensured with the Google Fi network

Google Fi network will ensure a secure connection and privacy at its maximum. It will ensure security is the top priority by blocking robocalls and spam at all times. However, these features may already be present in the phone however this new feature will ensure prying eyes are not eyeing the mobile traffic. 

Google has proudly made the announcement of how the Fi is encrypting the traffic of mobile data for the 4 series up to the 7 series. This ensures complete security in your connection and you do not have to re-check to worry about it.

There is also a VPN in Pixel that is in-built and Fi helps with this kind of VPN. There are no additional expenses that consumers have to bear.

Google Pixel and its Security

Google and security definitely go very well together and one can easily say Google’s platforms are very very safe. However, one should always be careful when it comes to a variety of digital platforms and how at any time anything can happen. So one should always remain protected.

The Pixel 7 is quite a well-developed one. The Tensor G2 platform and a camera with a great angle are just what is needed. It is not that large in size which makes it easier to handle and the price is also quite amazing. This makes it good to handle and also compared to other devices it is great. The extra layers of production are actually quite great to think of. They take a person one level above in terms of browsing because one starts to be less cautious and knows that they are in a safe environment. 

Google Fi is technically a kind of a plan and you can say it does smart coverage at a low price. You may choose to pay for the data or you can also choose the unlimited option which is a great one on its own and it is very affordable for sure.

How to set up Fi Network without any hassle

You can be sitting in the comfort of your home and simply activate it and the best part is there are no contracts needed or activation fees! It is definitely one of the best plans and people have been giving it great reviews. People believe life is made much more happier and content because people tend to buy these plans and then become worry-free for a while.

This helps people who like to browse a lot. These days people use their phones for everything and it really helps when they are using them without any interruptions. Interruptions often make a person feel frustrated and this makes browsing disturbed. 

The new plans have much to offer and people are using them. The ones using android have found a good solution for further protection and it helps a lot. In this day and age when anyone can be prying on you, there is a definite need to be keeping yourself safe, and sound even when it means it is just on your device.

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