EA Iron Man Game Has Been Announced Officially!


Earlier there were speculations circulating about whether the EA Iron Man game may be on the cards soon. Well, guess what? It has been officially announced. EA Iron Man game will be one of the most sought-after games to be released, alongside Tekken 8

One needs to understand that the highs and lows of the gaming world come depending on what kind of game is being released and EA Iron Man may just bring about an all-time high to the gaming world!

What Should Gaming Fans be Expecting from EA Iron Man Game?

What one should be expecting from the EA Iron Man Game is full-packed action. It is a third-person action spree and has a story that is definitely rooted in originality. At first, there was also a rumor regarding the release of Nintendo, however, that remains to be a thing of the spread of word only and holds no other base. Now gamers can look forward to the EA Iron Man Game. 

However, what is known so far, is just that it will be out soon however no such aspect such as a video or screenshot is underway yet. This is proof that single-player games still are ruling the gaming world! 

What Will the New EA Iron Man Game Be Called?

It does not have a name announced yet however it may be called Marvel’s Iron Man. It is to be set up by one of the Assassin’s Creed makers Jade Raymond and will be developed by the Motive Studio which is based in Montreal.

Who Will Lead the Game’s Team?

EA Iron Man game’s Team will be led by Olivier Proulx who is also the producer of none other than the hit Guardians of the Galaxy. This is a great sign for the game because it is bound to be perfectly watched over. The game will have a universe that will be quite unique in nature and there will be no replica of the Marvel Cinematic Universe however there are bound to be definite similarities which makes it all the more interesting.

‘We have a great opportunity to create a new and unique story that we can call our own. Marvel is encouraging us to create something fresh. We have a lot of freedom, which is so engaging for the team,’ said Proulx.

The EA Iron Man game might even break records, who knows because at the end of the day Iron Man fans are uncountable. Iron Man has been loved no matter if it is in movies or games, it has a definite fan base which not only exists of kids but of adults all the same.

Iron Man movies have been graced by very well-known celebrities and people love to see the surprise that it holds each time. Tony Stark has been a loved Iron Man and many people recognize him as the character no matter which other movie he decides to do so this makes it quite interesting to see how the game will embody the character to make it look as real as possible. The graphics are all that would make or break the deal of the EA Iron Man game in the eyes of the public.

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