France is Increasing Space Expenditure By 25%


France will be increasing its expenditure on its space ventures. France is increasing expenditure on space programs at the national and European levels since the European Space Agency, will increase spending on national and European space programs as the European Space Agency is working on securing commitments to enhance the budget. 

France’s Plan for Space Budget

It was announced at the opening ceremony of the International Astronautical Congress by the Prime Minister of France Elisabeth Borne that the government is allocating at least $9 billion to the improvement and betterment of space activities. This budget will be applicable for the upcoming three years and this has increased from the past three years with a margin of 25%. This is a huge margin and given the economic situation, this is actually quite a change. This announcement came on September 18th. France is looking forward to piquing people’s interest in space. After all, it is the future!

“It’s very good news,” Philippe Baptiste, president of the French space agency CNES says. He adds, “We have to decide which fraction of this nine billion is dedicated to ESA and which part of it is dedicated to other kinds of programs”.

Priority for France Space Mission

The funding of CNES has increased massively with the budget of the space program however this would prove to be for the betterment in the end. A priority for France at this time is to launch vehicles and invest in them, vehicles that are essential for the program. “We have always invested a lot in launchers, there is no European strategy in space if we don’t have European access to space”, emphasized Baptiste.

Josef Aschbacher, ESA director general, has sided with the funding by saying,  “Our proposal of a 25% increase is more or less keeping pace,” he said. “What we are aiming at doing is making sure we are not thrown out of the race”.

This may be very good for all of France and for Europe because at the end of the day there is so much the people are working on but the future is what’s more important and essential. If France is able to beat other countries in serious space exploration then this can be a chance for France to come up as the pioneer because at this point so many people are working on it and trying to find their way into the good books of the world, who have been awaiting space exploration for a while now. 

This can be quite a challenging role for the country at this time when the pandemic has just gotten over and there is still so much to be settled right now in terms of exploration. However, after the budget assessment, it seems like this can be done easily because there are many resources required for there to be total exploring expertise involved, and the resources require a lot of funding, which now will not be an issue for France.

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