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Walmart is just going best with Artificial intelligence technology. Walmart introduces a new feature that lets consumers try virtual dresses on their website, Virtual Try On. This is a milestone in history in the retail category, especially in garments or outfits. From this week, consumers can try whatever outfit they want on their photos. Walmart has been working on this technology for several years and has introduced different models for it as well. Last year Walmart introduced an Artificial intelligence setup in which consumers must select the model resembling them based on color, height, and other features.

Walmart’s virtual Try On is something different and based on a lot of Artificial intelligence. It is not like putting two layers of photos on one another. Some other VR outfit stores do this, but it doesn’t give a real-time experience. Walmart keeps this thing in mind and developed an Artificial Intelligence system in which consumers can have the real-time experience to check how the outfit will look on them even in different poses.

Two years back, Walmart allowed consumers to choose between 50 models; later the next year, this number increased to 120. Walmart continues working on this technology to acquire the start-up Zeekit, and this year, they got rid of models and launched a new setup in which individuals can use their photos to select an outfit. Customers can try more than 270,000+ items across Walmart’s different brands.

Walmart has taken this step at a Perfect time. Selling outfits and garments are getting tougher day by day, especially online. Walmart this features put them ahead of the competition and will surely help them to generate good revenue. Moreover, it is very helpful on the user’s end as well, and it is also time-saving and more user-friendly as the consumer can try its real-time image in a photo and can check how the outfit will look at him.

Walmart’s Vice President Note on Virtual outfit

Executive Vice President Walmart Apparels, Denise Incandela says, “This will be the first time customers can see themselves. And they’re gonna see themselves on the product detail page; they’ll see themselves on the product landing page. Frankly, it’s why I was so excited to acquire the Zeekit product, to begin with — because gamification of shopping hasn’t really existed in the past. We think this is the future of shopping.”

More, she added, “Where we didn’t feel like customers were satisfied is that a lot of the AR experiences are basically the equivalent of taking and laying a flat image on top of a flat image. That doesn’t let you actually experience what this article of clothing is going to look like on me.”

Walmart knows that not everyone wants to use himself as a model or wants to try the outfit on his/herself, so they continued the old version “Choose my model” alongside this new feature. It depends on the consumer; they must choose my model or their photo.

It is quite easy for the consumer to try virtual outfits. The customer needed a Walmart app on their phone, and they could take a photo using the app and send it to their system. On the system, the customer can use their photo to try outfits virtually.

This news is on social media, and people are interested in it. Until now, the comments are very good, and they appreciate this step and mostly show their interest in using this feature. Before this, Be my model was also a successful product of same-line technology. This is the best step for Walmart to pursue a high sales revenue and profit maximization as well as it is environmentally friendly.

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