Uber Started Investigation in Computer System Breach


On Thursday, Uber found out that its computer network had been compromised, prompting the firm to shut down some internal communications and engineering systems while it examined the scope of the incident.

On Thursday, a hacker gained access to Uber’s internal network, knocking numerous services and lines of communication down. The Company is currently looking into this hack. The hacker informed them of the breach using the chat software Slack.

Many Uber internal systems looked to have been infiltrated in the attack, as photos of compromised email accounts, cloud storage, and code repositories were supplied to cybersecurity experts and The New York Times.

Thursday, Uber said it is reacting to a cybersecurity problem after a story in The New York Times that a hack had compromised the Company’s network and caused it to shut down various internal communications and engineering systems. Uber shared serious concerns over this and started investigating this system breach.

It is very important to take such issues seriously because they are related to customer security and privacy. The Company may face anti-trust law issues and scenarios if security is weak or if there are concerns related to privacy issues.

According to the Newyork Times, quoting an Uber representative, a hacker gained access to one employee’s Slack account and used it to send a message to all workers reporting a data breach. This was a serious moment for it as all their private communication and data was available to the hacker. He may use this data for any reason or can blackmail.

An obscene picture was reportedly posted on a workplace intranet, suggesting the hacker had access to certain other internal systems. Uber tweeted that they were in contact with law enforcement and would provide further information as it became available.

The Newyork Times article quotes two workers who were not allowed to talk publicly, saying that the Company shut down the Slack system on Thursday afternoon after receiving the message from the hacker.

Uber Computer System Hacker

On Thursday afternoon, just before the Slack system was shut down, a message, “I proclaim I am a hacker and Uber has suffered a data breach,” was sent out to staff.

The hacker who spoke to The New York Times said he had contacted an employee through text message while pretending to be a member of the Company’s IT department. Using a process known as “social engineering,” the employee was tricked into giving the hacker access to company servers.

The hacker claimed to be 18 years old and had been practicing cybersecurity for years, and he supplied images of the internal company systems to prove his access. He said that he was able to penetrate company system defenses due to lax procedures. The individual who discovered the hack and posted the news on Slack suggested that company drivers should be paid more.

This moment can be the most crucial in the whole scenario. This demand is surprising as he asked for the individual riders and drivers working for the company instead of anything else, as in 2016, the hacker demanded $100,000. A data breach at Uber wasn’t the first time such an incident has occurred. Fifty-seven million drivers’ and riders’ personal information was compromised in 2016, and the hackers who did it wanted $100,000 from Uber to destroy their data.

Although the breach had been known for over a year, Uber organized the payment and kept it quiet. At the time, Joe Sullivan, chief security officer, was let go after the Company’s reaction to the attack. Mr. Sullivan is on trial for obstructing justice for allegedly not reporting the breach to authorities.

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