Uber and Rockstar Games Data Leaks: Cases are under investigation by the FBI


On September 18th, Rockstar games, in an official statement, confirmed that a recent network intrusion has resulted in the unreleased footage leak of their upcoming new game GTA 6 by an unauthorized third party. A total of 90 videos (3 GB data) of the early development of Grand Theft Auto 6 were released via a hacker group that breached and accessed the confidential data from the company’s systems. The Rockstar games officials took Twitter to announce this news and said it was extremely disappointed about the incidents. According to reports, The hacker stole the entire code for GTA 6 and posted a 3-gigabyte file online on their forums and hints to “leak more data soon” involving the assets, source codes, and test builds. This was the building statement of the data leaks from uber and rockstar games house.

Last week on Thursday, a similar case surfaced where Uber also suffered an internal network system breach. It was reported that employees had their accounts hacked by an attacker. It seemed the attacker compromised several accounts, which gave him access to the internal systems of Uber contractors such as G-suits, slack, and many other tools.

After breaching Uber’s system, Hacker left a message on the company-wide slack screen and reconfigured the company’s OpenDNS to direct the employees to some internal websites showing a graphic image. The hacker then posted a message, “I announce I am a hacker and Uber has suffered a data breach. Slack has been stolen…” with a hashtag of #uber underpays drivers

What are the recent updates on data leaks?

The latest tweet by Uber states that their system was hacked by a group named Lapsus$, which has targeted major companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Nvidia, and Samsung in the past. A recent breaking report claims that the same hacker group is involved in Rockstar games’ data leaks.

Last week the hacker’s identification was unclear. As the investigation prolonged, Uber claimed that the hacker involved in this cyberattack has been more active since last year and trying to target technology companies more often using the same techniques. 

In another report, a tweet surfaced with screenshots claiming that the hacker behind this cyberattack of companies’ data leaks is a teenager, a sixteen-year-old boy from the UK, and the leader of the Lapsus$ ransomware gang.

The cases are undergoing an investigation process involving the US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is unknown whether any of the customers’ data has been leaked in Uber’s data leaks in time. And what, if any more of the footage of unreleased Grand Theft Auto 6 will be leaked anytime soon? This is a developing story; we will keep you updated with new proceedings as the details emerge on any side of the story.

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