The Brazilian government banned iPhone sales for chargers!


The Brazilian Ministry of Justice has restricted the retail sale of iPhones without accompanying chargers. Apple was hit with a fine of 12 million Brazilian reais, or about $2.3 million, by the Brazilian government. Apple appealed against this verdict based on reducing electric waste but rejected!

G1 claimed this order was posted in the country’s official gazette. According to the order, Apple’s “deliberate discriminatory activity against consumers” sells iPhones without chargers. Apple’s claim to reduce carbon emissions by not including a charger in the retail box was debunked. The government agency also noted that the business had not provided evidence to support its environmental claims.

There has always been debate about Apple’s choice to cease to include a charging brick in the box with every iPhone it sells. However, consumers’ strong response to this decision didn’t prevent them from buying the new iPhones. Some rival smartphone makers poked fun at Apple. Certain customers and even some governments across the globe remain annoyed by the lack of a charging adapter. The most recent event is that the Brazilian Ministry of Justice ordered Apple to stop selling iPhones without accompanying charging cables. Brazilian authorities claim that Apple offers an incomplete product to its consumers. Law enforcement considers the lack of a charging port a “deliberate practice of discrimination against consumers” by law enforcement.

A statement comes from an iPhone spokesperson “At Apple, we consider our impact on people and the planet in everything we do. Power adapters represented our largest use of zinc and plastic, and eliminating them from the box helped reduce more than 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions – the equivalent of removing 500,000 cars from the road each year. There are billions of USB-A power adapters already in use worldwide that our customers can use to charge and connect their devices.”

This is not the first time apple is going to face such sanctions; when apple launched iPhone 12, a similar thing happened that time too. The Brazilian government banned iPhones at that time too. Apple appealed at that time and similarly this time too. Apple said, “We have already won several court decisions in Brazil on this issue. We are confident that our customers know the various charging options and connecting their devices. We will continue to work with Senacon to address their concerns and plan to appeal this decision.”

Apple introduced this policy to cut costs even, according to some experts, and apple is not only cutting its cost but also making extra profits by selling chargers and other accessories other than phones. iPhone accessories are quite expensive and cost a good amount to consumers. Different countries have different policies, but Brazil is taking these policies very seriously, and it’s been the second time that the Brazilian judiciary fined apple for such activity. Apple is bearing high costs for such policies, even millions of dollars. In this verdict, if apple continues to sell without a charger, it will be fined daily. When the same situation happened for iPhone 12, apple started to include a charger in Brazil.

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Apple is defending its substance by arguing that it is discontinuing chargers with the phone to reduce electric waste. The ministry of justice just rejected this claim and banned iPhone. Ministry of Justice says, “For Senacon, the arguments presented were insufficient since the company’s decision to sell the devices without a charger ended up transferring the entire burden to the consumer. According to the agency, the manufacturer could take other measures to reduce environmental impact, such as the use of USB-C type connector cables and chargers, currently adopted as standard by the industry,”

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