Samsung is not coming slowly! Samsung once again trolled Apple (iPhone 14)


Tech giants Apple and Samsung have been rivals for a long time. None of them leaves a chance to troll the other. A similar scenario happened at the launch of the iPhone 14. Samsung posted in its ad that iPhone still lags behind the technology. Majorly commented on the camera technology, it is posted that iPhone still comes up with a 48-megapixel camera while it is working at 108 megapixels.

Apple has a specific fan following, enabling them to sell whatever they want. Even apple knows that they don’t need to care about the product, their fans can buy what they sell, and this is happening. Apple is a bit slow at innovations and has been using almost the same technology for years, as apple just introduced its 48 megapixels wide-angle camera now; however, it had 108 megapixels since the s20 ultra.

Samsung posted two tweets against apple as

“What the flip, Apple?” and “What’s the hold on the Fold, Apple?”

Samsung continuously makes fun of iPhone without a flip, fold, and low megapixels camera. It is shared that they have had flip, fold, and high megapixels camera phones for years, and apple still doesn’t have one and is lagging in technology. In tweets, it compared its latest phone, the Z fold 4, with iPhone 14. While trolling iPhone, it hits iPhone on foldable and camera specifications. Not only this, but it is also advertising on billboards against apple. The other thing trolled is video quality. Samsung is mentioning that it can capture 8k videos, and until now iPhone is limited to 4k videos.

Still, there has been no reply from apple officials regarding Samsung’s actions. However, Apple lovers are defending it at every level and doing so well. Apple lovers are also trolling such actions. Some of the apple users mentioned that apple doesn’t need flip or fold in its mobiles, and some say that they are useless features.

Someone commented on 108 megapixels vs. 48 megapixels that apples 48 megapixels are far better than Samsung’s 108 megapixels. One apple lover replied to Samsung’s Twitter post, “New technology flash: we still don’t care.”

When did Samsung do this?

iPhone 14 was launched in the first week of September and unveiled its features. It is a traditional Apple phone with its premium look and style. iPhone 14 is not foldable, and it has a 48-mega pixel camera. This is where Samsung started trolling it and took the whole social media.

Samsung tweet is being shared on different social media platforms positively and negatively. Some people agree with it, while some disagree. Though in, either way, this sweet is in Air and has been trending for a long.

Apple introduced 48 megapixels wide-angle camera in its new model iPhone 14 launched on 8 September. Samsung made fun of it that it has had a 108 megapixels camera since 2020.  The Z series consists of foldable features and flip features. These features enable the consumer to enjoy the large screen and foldable screens.

In the Z-fold series, consumers can enjoy large and small screens simultaneously. This mobile operates in two ways: in full form or folded form upon consumer requirements. Moreover, Z fold 4 has a 108-megapixel camera, which is extra sharp and high definition for capturing pictures and videos.

It is not the first time that Samsung has been trolling apple. It has been this for years. Once it trolled apple on removing the headphone jack and using the charging slot for both headphones and charger. After a few years, Samsung adopted the same thing, removed the headset jack from its devices, and used one single port.

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