Safety Check in iOS 16 lets You Quickly Revoke Your Access to Unwanted Contacts


Apple has always been privacy and security-focused, and with the iOS 16 operating system update, it has introduced significant safety and privacy features on this front. Apple has doubled-down users in privacy concerns by including a useful feature named Safety Check.  

Safety check enables you to take control of the private and personal data you share with your commutates having apple ID. Safety in iOS 16 is a step ahead to ensure your privacy.

What’s Safety Check In iOS 16?  

Safety Check in the iOS 16 operating system is specifically meant for people who find themselves in a difficult situation at home or are in abusive relationships. This part elaborates on a personal safety guide. It allows you to take control of all the data, such as iCloud data, location sharing, permissions, and app access with your contacts. If you ever end up in an abusive relationship and your partner has access to your Apple ID, you can quickly perform a privacy audit and revoke all access to your personal information. This feature is extremely helpful; it lets you cut off your connections so that you are no longer trackable. Apple says your private data won’t be shared with anybody once the safety is activated.

How Does The Safety Check in iOS 16 Centralize Security And Privacy Controls?

Safety check centralizes security and privacy controls by simplifying and resetting the privacy permissions, auditing the data sharing, and revoking location access that completely disconnects the abusers’ access immediately. It has a quick exit button that you can tap in case you get caught.

How To Enable Safety Check In iOS 16?

Safety check has two functionalities, including emergency reset and managing sharing and access. You can access safety in iOS 16 via settings following these steps; option settings and select privacy & security, scroll down, and tap on the safety check option. Once the screen is up, tap on emergency reset and choose people and apps to reset. You can use this feature to revoke all the sharing and access in one go or use the manage sharing and access option to cut off specific contacts. Click on the continue button, which will allow you to search for contacts you want to remove from your iCloud ID. After completing this step, you will be asked to select the app you want to stop sharing. This would be step 2 and then moving forward to the last step, it would ask for a passcode reset. You would update your password for better security. In the last step adding contacts to your emergency, SOS can notify your contact(s) during any emergency; after that, you can also update the device’s passcode. This completes the process of safety check in iOS 16, securing your privacy in Apple.

More About Safety Check

Adding a safety check in iOS 16 is a great step to protect user’s private data from unwanted contacts. Apple once again proved that users’ privacy and security concerns are its main focus. Along with high-security features, it has also introduced several significant new features and modes compatible with your iPhones, listed below; 

  • Protect photos with Face ID 
  • Protect notes with Face ID 
  • Automatically install security updates  
  • Lockdown Mode

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