Russia has Hinted to Shoot SpaceX Starlink Satellites Down


Russia has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. Earlier it created chaos in Ukraine in the form of a war that it waged against the innocent country and killed many. Now Russia seems to be irked by the SpaceX Starlink Satellites. The numerical amount of satellites that are seen orbiting Earth has now dramatically gone up in the past few decades. However, Russia is adamant that these satellites would soon be targets of the military if the USA and other countries do not form a compromise on the course of the objects.

Did Russia Threaten Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink Satellites?

Seemingly so, yes, Russia has threatened Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink Satellites. Even though nothing has been said directly, there is a high chance these SpaceX Starlink Satellites are being targeted by Russia because they have provided connectivity in Ukraine in times of need and Russia will not be accepting that.

Elon has worked very hard on his satellites and he will also not allow them to be shot down so easily. However, Russia has gone against many people’s wishes in the past and may keep doing so. 

What was SpaceX Starlink Satellites’ Pledge That has Irked Russia?

When Russia invaded Ukraine SpaceX Starlink Satellites pledged to give services in Ukraine and that also happened. This has made Russia upset. It made it easy for Ukraine to control military devices such as a drone. This attempt to destroy satellites would provide another chance for the world to understand the illogical acts of Russia. Russia has previously tested an anti-satellite (ASAT) missile and that was a dangerous attempt because it turned the satellite into toxic debris.

This is extremely toxic and is becoming an issue for the world to understand why is Russia causing toxicity in space which is quite dangerous for the space station and will provide an issue for the space explorations to be done properly since any toxicity in space can hinder missions.

Russia has been stubborn with countries due to its various upper hands that it shows at times. For example, it does not get economically affected due to any bans by the western countries, there is no maximum economical change. However, if it bans the countries, then there is a loss for the western countries. Putin has been very adamant in waging war and was prepared for this move for a while since he plans on expanding Russia further and making it a complete superpower.

Russia has so far killed many children, women, men, and animals in the war against Ukraine. Ukraine has a smaller military compared to Russia’s capabilities and therefore it is suffering at the hands of Russia. SpaceX Starlink Satellites is their one hope at this point when it comes to communication and if that is also broken down it may tumble them into complete darkness. Russia has however made the threat now it is to see how the West reacts.

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