Rise of the Ronin: All You Need To Know About the New PlayStation5 Game!


Team Ninja is all set to introduce a new upcoming game to the world, called Rise of the Ronin. Rise of the Ronin will be the latest action RPG game and it will be showcasing a great journey in the heart of Japan. The project took Team Ninja at least seven years to fully build it. Now it is ready to be experienced by the world as a life-changing PS5 experience.

First look at Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin will be focused on an era of combat. The focus will be on the end of an era of the Edo Period, which is also called Bakumatsu. The rulers at the time are shown to be oppressive and diseases are breaking out leaving people helpless. There is a war going on between Tokugawa Shogunate and the Anti-Shogunate factions and there is a continuous struggle between power. This is shown to be the late 19th century.

What will be the experience of the player?

The player will take the shape of a Ronin character. The Rise of the Ronin will give the player an experience of freedom that he or she can make choices on own without having to adhere to a leader. There will be a once-in-a-lifetime historical experience. The combat action graphics will definitely be mind-blowing. The Rise of the Ronin is focused on combat action, therefore it will be highly interesting to be in such a scenario. The Katanas will ignite serious combat.

Rise of the Ronin: A New Beginning for Team Ninja!

It is a very challenging project for Team Ninja as well however it seems like it has been structured quite well. Seven years is a long time to work on a project and it does seem to have reached its end quite well.

Here is what Team Ninja has to say about the new game, Rise of the Ronin. “Here at Team Ninja, we are incredibly excited to introduce our very latest action RPG game which takes you on an epic and unfettered journey as a Ronin at the dawn of a new era in Japan. It was seven years ago when we first began this project. And since then, the development has progressed slowly and freely, much like the spirit of a Ronin. It is with great pleasure to finally bring this title to light, and we are filled with gratitude for being able to make this announcement with PlayStation who has supported us and this project throughout these many years”.

Rise of the Ronin can be played by all sorts of game lovers, be it teenagers, adults, or ones in pre-teens. It brings out the competitive spirit in people which is an essential trait that one should have. The game has brought about high expectations and is being considered quite an awaited experience of this time! Let us see what is in hold for gaming lovers.

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