Global Plug-In Electric Cars Sale Best in August


New records are being broken as global plug-in electric car sales are seeing new heights and are expanding by the day. 847,580 new global plug-in electric cars were seen to have gotten registration in the month of August, giving a sale boost by at least 60% from one year ago. This is considered to be the highest peak reached in a month that is otherwise not considered the peak month.

Market Share Boost

Market share has gone by at least 15%, which includes at least 11% for battery-electric cars. At least a boost of at least 4% has occurred for plug-in hybrids. 

BEVs are up by 65% and one can safely say that PHEVs are up by 48%. This can be seen as being a huge boost from even the comparison of a few months earlier.

Global Plug-In Electric Cars and Their Registrations

BEVs have gone up by a huge number at least by 65% which means 10% of the share has increased. PHEVs have gone up by 48% which means a 5% share has increased. This is definitely a good time for people to invest in a good electric car.

Which Models have Ranked the Highest?

Well, this part is definitely the best one to find out which model has ranked the highest because so many different models are now out in the market. There is a whole lot of competition with which model is doing better. The Tesla Model Y has been the one that has received the most success back even in the season that was otherwise not considered peak season, namely, August.

The most successful models of August:

  • BYD Song (BEV + PHEV) 
  • Tesla Model Y 
  • Tesla Model 3
  • BYD Qin Plus (BEV+PHEV) 
  • Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV 
  • BYD Han (BEV + PHEV) 
  • BYD Dolphin 
  • GAC Aion S
  • BYD Yuan Plus (BEV) 
  • Volkswagen ID.4 

The Tesla Model Y has been making waves and has been the highest-selling plug-in car model, and then the rest are also following closely. 

Why are Electric Cars Popular?

They are majorly popular these days and there are many people who are now choosing electric cars over cars that run on fuel. They are much better for the environment and end up bringing a whole lot of low-cost effective planning to the buying of the car. Cars are now becoming more and more durable when they are turning into electric ones. Electric cars are definitely the future and that is quite safe to say, one has to simply get used to the idea of it. They release fewer gases into the environment which can be a cause of many issues health wise. Older people feel better driving electric cars because they feel they are easier to move around.

Tesla’s electric cars have gained quite a lot of momentum over time and China is paying a lot of heeds to copy the concept. Elon Musk has earned huge profits from his venture Tesla which produces quite efficient self-driven electric cars which will take you around and you also would not have to move much. Tesla cars can drive on their own and they can also choose for you which route to take, therefore a driver can even sleep in the car even though it is not deemed safe to do so. 

Moreover, the boost in sales of electric cars is showing that they really are a success for sure and are surely here to stay for a long time.

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