OPPO Successful in Leading the “Made in India” Shipments with 22% Growth


OPPO, a global smart device brand, is emerging as the leader in the “Made in India” smartphone shipments in 2022. OPPO is recording a 22% growth year on year shown in a report recently. As the demand for smartphones has increased globally as well as its export, “Made in India” smartphone shipments grew 7% this year in the first quarter. According to Counterpoint research “Made in India,” smartphone shipments in India reached over 48 million units.

The local smartphone manufacturing ecosystem is still recovering, but OPPO has displayed outstanding performance as it got the maximum share of smartphone shipments.

Growth of Smartphone Shipment in Bharat

Senior research analyst Prachir Singh said in a Podcast, “Smartphone manufacturing is increasing in the country. In 2021, the shipments of ‘Made in India’ smartphones crossed 190 million units. The increasing smartphone demand in the country, as well as increasing exports, are the major reasons for the continued growth. Support has also come from the Government’s various initiatives to increase local manufacturing. However, the manufacturing of feature phones declined 41% YoY in Q1 2022 due to falling demand for the past few quarters.”

Prachir Singh further stated about the growth of “Made in India” smartphone shipment, “OPPO has consistently not only focused on increasing its manufacturing capabilities in the country but also automated many processes that led to production efficiencies. This has helped OPPO manage its supply chain better and at the same time helped attract many other component players.”

OPPO is a worldwide smartphone brand that is now emerging as the best-selling smartphone in Bharat. In 2021, smartphone shipments in the country crossed 190 million units.

The main reason for smartphone shipment growth in India is the continuous and genuine support from government initiatives to increase manufacturing.

Efforts of the Bharat Government

Moreover, Chief Marketing Officer, OPPO India, Damyant Khanoria, also shared about the smartphone shipment and manufacturing in India. “Our commitment to ‘Make in India’ has been unwavering and will continue to be a key pillar of growth for OPPO in India,” Khanoria further added, “This recognition is a testimony to our efforts in the country. We will continue to create industry-leading products and technologies that are focused on local consumers through our R&D and manufacturing ecosystem.”

According to the sources, handset manufacturing is about to grow 4% YoY in 2022, which is great growth.

OPPO has been a great player in contributing to the “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” initiative. The company has also promised to continue the growth and manufacturing of smartphones shipment in the country.

Singh said on the manufacturing strategies and landscape, “In the smartphone segment, the third-party EMS (electronic manufacturing services) providers captured 42% share in local manufacturing, registering 4% YoY growth in terms of shipments. Bharat FIH was the top EMS provider in Q1 2022, followed by Dixon Technologies. However, in-house manufacturing capabilities have also grown. In-house smartphone manufacturing share crossed 58% during the quarter. OPPO led the ‘Made in India’ smartphone shipments with a 22% share, followed closely by Samsung at 21%. However, in the feature phone segment, EMS’s share crossed 68% in Q1 2022. Lava led the ‘Made in India’ feature phone shipments with a 21% share. Among the third-party EMS providers, Flex, Bharat FIH, and Dixon Technologies led the feature phone segment.”

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