Nvidia still dominates AMD amidst massive popularity of RTX 3060 GPU


Nvidia is seeing a downfall in terms of sales in recent times however all seem to be looking up for the inventor of the GPU as there is a sufficient rise in its popularity once again. This is preceded by a rise in market share, as it reclaims its dominant position as a GPU giant. A good number of units right now are shifted by RTX 3060. 

The statistics as we know 

Team Green dominates with a market share of 79%. In comparison to Q1, there is an uptick of at least 5%. During this phase, AMD went from 25% to 20%.The statistics for Q2 of this year show Nvidia with a 79% market share, a chunky uptick of 4% compared to Q1, with AMD falling from 24% to 20% in the same period. The leftover percentage of the market is with Intel. This leaves Team Blue with limited chances. Nvidia seems to be standing in a similar spot from last year in comparison. 

Comparison to last year same quarter

Compared to the same quarter last year, Nvidia finds itself pretty much in the same position. Team Green share in Q2 2021 was 80%. It is 79% this year, due to 1% being lost to INTEL.

Sales Boost in Order

RTX 3060 is the GPU that is giving a sales boost to Nvidia, being in 6th position in the rankings of overall sales for Steal gamers. There was an increase of 0.77% prior to this month which has made its overall market share climb up and attained 3.20%. It is preceded by the 3060 laptop GPU by a slight percentage. The two combined are forming a share that is more reliable than the GTX 1060 which has a great ranking. The GTX 1060 has seen a reduction in its value.two AY  SOUND

Nvidia sees hope

As it is no new news that NVIdia has seen a tough time with sales, and reduction of GPU shipments due to overproduction, at least hope can be seen in the form of Nvidia finding a spot in Q2.

There is hope now that there can be a better year that is coming up and this can lead to tough competition for the rest. Dominant positions once lost are rarely again brought up easily, however, this one seems to be giving up in no way, therefore people should be looking forward to seeing more of it soon. This gives an epic chance for the gain of glory.

Future Prediction

There are definitely predictions of more price cuts for AMD graphic cards and Nvidia GPUs. Team Red is looking out to deal with stocks carefully, the current-gen one should be cleared before the next-gen takes over in December. This will see a raise in RTX 3000 more so.

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