Musk VS Clinton Over Pelosi’s Assault Conspiracies


On Sunday morning, Elon Musk, Twitter’s new owner, posted a link to an unreliable news source that spread an unproven, anti-LGBTQ conspiracy theory about the assault on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

Elon Musk, who had completed a $44 billion agreement to purchase Twitter only three days before, used his newfound platform to disseminate a weird anti-LGBTQ conspiracy theory about the assault on Paul Pelosi in San Francisco on Sunday morning.

When former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton posted an L.A. photo, Elon Musk reacted. According to a report in The New York Times, Paul Pelosi assassination suspect David DePape was a proponent of far-right conspiracy theories.

Musk, inventor of SpaceX and Tesla and the wealthiest person in the world, sent the tweet while under investigation for his proposal to pull back the control of material on the social networking site. He subsequently removed the statement after eliciting significant outrage online. That tweet was from Hillary Clinton, and he felt compelled to comment.

Clinton’s Tweet on Pelosi’s Assultation

“The Republican Party and its mouthpieces now regularly spread hate and deranged conspiracy theories. It is shocking, but not surprising, that violence is the result. As citizens, we must hold them accountable for their words and the actions that follow.”

Clinton tweeted :

On Saturday morning, the former secretary of state tweeted, “The Republican Party and its mouthpieces now frequently propagate hatred and crazy conspiracy theories,” likely about the arrest of a suspect in the assault on the husband of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The fact that violence has ensued is alarming but not unexpected. We, as citizens, have a responsibility to hold them responsible for the consequences of their remarks. The suspect has openly expressed far-right, conspiratorial beliefs.

“There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye,”

Musk Responded

According to an archived version of the story, Musk responded to Clinton at 8:15 a.m. on Sunday morning with a link to a tweet posted on a right-wing website named the Santa Monica Observer. The story questioned the circumstances surrounding the attack on Pelosi. Musk also posted a hyperlink to a baseless, anti-LGBTQ article published in the Santa Monica Observer. Before it was removed from Twitter less than an hour later, the tweet containing the message and the link had been liked more than 111,000 times and retweeted more than 30,000 times by Sunday morning 10:30.

Paul Pelosi was attacked early on Friday at the house he shares with his wife, Nancy, in the Pacific Heights neighbourhood of San Francisco. Home Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is a frequent target of far-right conspiracy theories like the QAnon mass delusion, and the authorities believe that East Bay resident David DePape, age 42, broke into the house looking for her.

Nobody knows what Musk, as CEO, will do. With him in charge, Twitter’s restrictions might relax, leading to considerable savings. Toys with Republican talking themes by, for example, yelling at Twitter’s “left-wing” workers, calling for greater “free speech” on the platform, and implying that he may lift former President Donald Trump’s permanent ban before the midterm elections in November.

Less certain are the multibillion-dollar pledges of cash investors have made to Musk in exchange for Twitter shares. Investors in Musk’s first stock round ranged from funds managed by Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison to funds controlled by Middle Eastern royal families who shared Musk’s vision for Twitter’s future.

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