MIT’s Residential Education Group: Perfect For Faculty Ingenuity and Student Engagement


The class of 2023 started its journey in 2022. The teachers of MIT are all prepared to give a fantastic year of teaching and learning to the students from their end because now there are new learning exercises, in-class lectures with videos, and the syllabus is posted on Canvas. Sheryl Barnes who is the director of digital learning for residential education is hoping that the MIT Open Learning’s Residential Education group has brought about a benefit. “Faculty have a lot of demands on their time, but they are also deeply committed to their students, our job is to help them optimize the use of their own time to maximize learning for their students”, she says.

MIT Open Learning’s Residential Education Group

MIT Open Learning’s Residential Education group is enhancing the art of teaching with the help of digital technology. Digital technology has now become a common enhancement when it comes to learning. Learning can be done easily when there are digital aspects and students also find this to be more fun, rather than boring. It also makes the storage of academic records easier. This means that a student can upload the work and it will be saved there, rather than a student doing something on paper which will have a certain life, and then it could simply not be able to be stored any longer.

What is the MIT Open Learning’s Residential Education group’s team focusing on? 

It is focusing on the science of learning through refining curriculums in the most convenient way possible and one can easily say that a learning engineer, data scientist, and learning scientist are working towards bringing better results for students.

Aaron Kessler, assistant director of learning sciences and teaching says, “We assist faculty in providing students with experiences that allow them to deeply engage with the content using approaches grounded in research”. Everyone is very hopeful that this kind of innovation will definitely give a good name to the likes of such universities and schools that are taking an initiative.

MIT’s Residential Education group is focusing on bringing about accessible portals to students and is planning on bringing a lot of new things to the student world over time. There is immense accessibility in these portals and if a student is not physically present they are not missing out on anything. After all, now the world is all about exploring new opportunities and discovering what can be done to ease out things, rather than complicate them.

MIT Information Systems and Technology have given their due share of time to making Canvas what it is today. This is the real innovation in the classroom, as previously what the student would miss, would be missed and the portals also would not be as efficient as to convey that information exactly the way it was supposed to be, for example in a live session. However, now innovation in the classroom has come to the point of no return, and will only go towards betterment with time. 

Some more research and collaboration could make sure MIT goes way ahead of its time. Now workplaces are also going digital and universities are also bringing themselves to accept the idea. Discipline can very much be present digitally as well and it is not important that only physical involvement in the classroom makes a student interested. In fact, students are now more interested in the way the digital world works and an interesting canvas such as the likes of MIT canvas really brings about a strong sense of interest from the student’s end.

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