Mark Zuckerberg Criticizes the Ecosystem of Apple


Mark Zuckerberg criticizes the ecosystem of Apple and thinks the metaverse should be ‘open’. He has never shied away from criticizing Apple in the first place and thinks some of their decisions are not so great. He also thinks the metaverse should be open and has hence shown some criticism towards the mixed reality headset of Apple.

Mark Zuckerberg does not seem to be content with the rumored headset of Apple

Apple’s headset will not be up on the market till next year, which would be in 2023. Meta has done the unveiling of its own VR headset. It will have sensors that will be quite advanced in terms of facial tracking. It will also have many technologies that will be worth a shot to try out for sure.

However, Mark Zuckerberg was very quick to compare Meta’s VR ecosystem to the one that Apple is preparing. He said he is concerned about Apple not having an open ecosystem because he said the company seems to be competing with Apple and the future is dependent on the two tech giants to form suitable metaverse options.

Apple and its ecosystem according to Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg thinks that Apple attempt to lock the users in the ecosystem and this way there can be an advantage taken by other platforms collectively. He said there should be many developers working on building the metaverse. He strongly thinks the word interoperable should describe the metaverse. “The things that they’re doing are not as altruistic as they claim them to be,” he said in regards to Apple’s formation of their metaverse.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks consumers and competitors both will get hurt by Apple’s new mixed reality headset because there are complete controlling powers over the phones that the tech giant has developed that many people across the globe are using and using very happily.

Meta’s Metaverse

It will be up and running soon and partners like Autodesk, Accenture, Microsoft, etc are helping the venture to come to life. The company is working on making virtual reality the upcoming concept to look out for.

Apple’s response to claims Zuckerberg over time about their version of the metaverse

Apple is working on different headsets in recent times and is looking forward to proving that they are actually doing their best and have done their best with the production of their headsets. Apple is making sure to compete with Meta fully. Apple will have great displays and sensors and the detection of the surroundings will surely be seamless which is great. The cost will be between $1,000 and $3,000.

Apple will also develop cheaper products for better competition. However, these may take time to fully be ready and fully developed. These could take more than two years which is a long time indeed.

Apple CEO has also disagreed with Meta’s version and he thinks that it is tough for the average person to understand what a metaverse is hence this should not be something that should be tried to be turned into reality. However, he refrained from discussing the products of Meta. Since both have a great customer base, there is a lot of competition involved between them and hence this can be a great thing for VR lovers because they will be seeing the products of very tough competition.

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