Man Wakes Up With Huge £35,000 Uber Ride Bill


We all have been at a place where we have had unfair bills from Uber. We end up questioning why the fare seems high and then we simply pay. However with one young man from Manchester in England, the bill was so high, he was left in shock! He was charged a whooping £35,000 (~$39,000) for his ride in Uber. 

Oliver Kaplan had just come back from a night out with friends and he got an app to go home just like how earlier he would choose to do that for safety reasons, rather than driving home. He woke up to a massive bill. App had charged him for a ride that he had not in fact taken. 

Why did the man receive this massive bill from Uber?

Oliver did not have enough funds in his account therefore the transaction was denied however he urgently called Uber to check why the quoted price was rather changed to this massive amount. The quoted price was $12, this was a huge difference. Uber seems to be charging people for destinations they could not possibly be in at the time. Within England one can say the distances are so much that Uber can charge a lot, let alone leaving the country.

The reason turned out that the man had kept a destination of Australia as his arrival therefore even though he got dropped just minutes away he was charged this whooping amount. It was clearly a user error and was an issue in the back end.

There have been times when Uber has had to give explanations due to overcharging however not every single time is Uber to blame, sometimes the customers also are at fault when they put the wrong destinations.

Does Uber do these long routes?

The first question to ask is whether how Uber can charge for a route that it does not do. The reason is, it is not possible to go to Australia in a car from England. This could have been a major disaster had the transaction actually gone through with sufficient funds. Uber does do long routes and at times can plan trips for you however the route should be accessible by road, which Australia is clearly not, hence such an option shall not exist in the first place.

Uber seemed to have cooperated and allowed the person to simply pay what he owed. The fault did not seem to be that Oliver had entered the wrong destination, it is because the fault was from Uber’s end, hence there was understanding from their side. They allowed Oliver to simply pay what he had to and close the matter.

Even though sometimes such mishaps happen however these are better than bigger mishaps because at the end of the day people do end up driving while intoxicated and this can be the worst decision therefore it is better to rather get an Uber at such a time. You might wake up with a hangover and a bill but you will not wake up regretting it! Driving while intoxicated is a crime and unsafe. Young people often make decisions without thinking relating to driving however they should think twice due to the increasing number of accidents that can occur when a person is not thinking straight. There are one-off incidents where you can be wrongly charged, however, you can be refunded if your claim is correct hence at the end of the day all is well that ends well.

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