Ireland’s Data protection commission fined Meta ( Instagram) $402 Million after two years!


Instagram is one of the famous social media apps which allows adults, teenagers, and youngsters to interact. Different countries and regions have designed privacy policies for social media apps that they have to follow. In the United States, anti-trust laws are obliged to impose these privacy policies, and in Europe, each country has its own commission or authority. Data privacy is the most important consent that everyone has, and the states are fully monitoring apps and other data-handling software to make as much secure data as possible. Also, each country has different institutions that hold these social media apps responsible for data breaches and impose heavy fines on them.

This investigation started two years before the teenager’s data issue was highlighted. After Ireland’s commission raised this issue, Instagram changed its privacy policy. Two core reasons were behind this case: firstly, Instagram allowed teenagers aged 13-17 to create a business account where the data is public; secondly, Instagram made some accounts public by default.

The investigation has been carried out for two years, and the verdict came last Friday, in which meta (Instagram) was held responsible for breaching GDPR rules and heavily fined. Ireland’s data protection commission fined $402 million to meta, which is 3rd highest fine by DPC.

According to DP, the detailed version of the result will come this week.

Before this, Meta (Whatsapp) faced similar situations and was fined $267 million for privacy policy changes. Whatsapp changed its privacy policy without informing the public properly. Whatsapp is sharing public data with meta, and users were not properly informed about it. DPC took action against it and fined meta.

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