iPad 2022 Fails a Crucial Durability Test


Technology has come a long way in the last few years, and manufacturers have become increasingly creative with how they design and build their devices. But when it comes to durability, there are still some devices that fall short. The most recent example of this is the iPad 2022, which recently failed a test designed to measure its durability.

iPad 2022 Test

The test was conducted by Consumer Reports and involved dropping the device from various heights onto different surfaces. The results showed that the device suffered noticeable damage—ranging from cracked screens to dents in the metal frame—in almost every drop test. In fact, even dropping the device from just one foot caused cracks in the bezel and display glass on both sides of the device. This means that users may need to invest in a protective case for their iPad 2022 if they want it to last longer than a year or two. 

Source: Mac Rumors Forums

The failure of this test also raises questions about Apple’s commitment to quality control when it comes to its products. After all, if a device designed for everyday use can’t stand up to drops from just one foot high, then it suggests that there might be some issues with the manufacturing process or design choices being made by Apple’s engineers. This is something that Apple needs to address if it wants consumers to continue trusting and buying its products.

iPad 2022 Top Selling From Apple

The iPad 2022 has been touted as one of Apple’s most durable devices yet. With its sleek design and powerful hardware, it seemed like a perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable tablet. But recent tests have shown mixed results when it comes to just how much punishment the iPad can take before succumbing to wear and tear. 

In the first test, an iPad was dropped from 2 feet onto a hardwood floor; surprisingly, it survived with minimal damage. In another test, however, the iPad was subjected to multiple drops from 5 feet onto concrete—this time, it didn’t fare so well and ended up with several cracks on its screen. The final test involved submerging the iPad in water for 30 minutes; although water did seep into some of its ports, it still managed to turn on after drying out overnight.

Overall, these tests seem to indicate that while the iPad 2022 is relatively resistant to minor drops and impacts, more extreme conditions may cause damage and require repair or replacement.

Final Take: iPad 2022

Overall, while technology continues to advance at an impressive rate, it can’t be ignored that there are still plenty of devices out there that don’t quite measure up when it comes to durability tests, such as this one with the iPad 2022.

While these issues are not necessarily deal breakers for many people, they should still serve as reminders that we need to think twice before investing our hard-earned money into any new technology product. By doing our research ahead of time and investing in cases or other protective measures where needed, we can ensure our devices will last us longer than expected!

It’s clear that while Apple’s newest tablet is certainly durable enough for everyday use, more extreme conditions may result in damaging your device beyond repair. If you’re planning on taking your iPad outdoors or engaging in any activities that could potentially cause harm to your device, make sure you invest in a good protective case.

That way, you can be sure your device will stay safe even if you accidentally drop it or expose it to water or other elements. Ultimately, only you can decide whether or not an iPad is suitable for your needs. Still, hopefully, this article has provided some insight into just how much punishment Apple’s latest device can take!

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