iOS16 Has Security Features Which May Come Very Much in Handy


Apple has always tried to keep up with the times. Never once will you hear how Apple has given a security threat to anyone. iOS16 has planned to keep its users much safer and happier with the new feature that has come with it. These features will help protect people who feel like they may be at a threat, minor or small.

Two major security features of iOS16 

Lockdown Mode and Safety Check are tools that will help in security, and Apple thinks it’s a good step from their end. These are worst-case scenarios that can occur anytime. Safety Checks can keep a person safe who is at risk of abuse. It can easily manage location data and reset permissions or privacy. Lockdown Mode is for people at risk of hacking, and it restricts any features that can be a potential threat. iOS16 is taking it one step at a time!

What does Apple have to say about the new iOS16 features?

“I do think that things like Lockdown Mode and Safety Check are good, people criticize Apple for not opening up iOS enough, and those folks would say this is just a token effort to silence critics. I don’t agree, though. For the nation-state-type stuff and risks users may be facing from people close to them, I think these new features will absolutely help within the paradigm of Apple’s current security model”, says Thomas Reed, director of Mac and mobile platforms at the antivirus maker Malwarebytes.

“The more Apple locks down iOs16 to improve end-user security, the harder it becomes for the security research community to investigate and identify vulnerabilities. I think it’s commendable that Apple is taking measures to address security threats that are only ever likely to impact a tiny fraction of its user base”, says Amanda Gorton, CEO of the mobile virtualization company Corellium.

This is quite thoughtful of Apple to ensure the safety of its users as its users are quite loyal and show a lot of gratitude in the way of buying their phones and devices no matter how much they like the price; therefore, they do deserve some kind of checks and balances that Apple also keeps for them and this can be a good sign.

Stay Secure

Security threats can not just be outside but also, at times, it can be an occurrence that is present in one’s own home and one’s own workplace, for example, how domestic violence aspect is brought up. One can only say that such people who are willing to buy these phones for their security should definitely go for it or any other device that can keep threats at bay. These days it is easy to simply commit crimes and run away however a good phone or device may help you track the person more easily, or keep yourself safe.

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