IMTS 2022 Displayed LENZE Juggling Robots in Chicago


IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show) was held from 12-17, 2022. The show was held in Chicago and displayed many wonderful mechanical components. The show stunned people when robots juggling were displayed.

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS 2022) has celebrated its 33rd edition at McCormick Place of Chicago. IMTS 2022 raised expectations of what challenges manufacturers can discuss. IMTS 2022 lets visitors experience the power of new software, equipment, products, and transformational technologies.

IMTS 2022 presented on the main booth application highlights and technologies in the area of ZEISS Medical Industry solutions, ZEISS eMobility Solutions, ZEISS Aerospace Solutions, and more. It is a great experience for the lovers of technology to grab a cup of tea and enjoy the presentation on these excelling topics.

Capture 3D, a ZEISS company, was located at #135527, far from the main booth. This company is a leading provider of innovative GOM 3D digitising solutions in the US. The presentations in the IMTS 2022 focused on solving engineering issues, eliminating iterations, preventing future problems, and reducing the cost of the products.

There were additive manufacturing inspection solutions that used a holistic inspection process for 3D manufacturing. The integrated process was reliable knowledge about the reliability of 3D parts, which visitors enjoyed.

There was a section for the teachers and students at the ZEISS Academic booth to have presentations on the solutions to academics. Many teachers and students come to experience new things and discuss CAPTURE 3D solutions.

Many software topics were displayed before the show time so that people could decide where to go and which section to visit. The presentations were offered during the daytime during the 6-day show.

The most intriguing topics were “Stay Competitive with the Latest ZEISS CALYPSO Inspection Features, Three Tips to Increasing CMM Utilisation, Virtual Clamping: See how software can significantly lower fixturing costs, Learn how to validate metrology systems for FDA compliance, Drive part quality by sharing measurement data faster and farther, Realise the benefits of Smart Manufacturing with Integrated Solutions.

One of the most astonishing things was the LENZE robot that juggled. People enjoyed the sight to see the robot juggling the small ball skillfully. The robots in IMTS 2022 were not human-faced but juggled the ball masterfully. The LENZE booth was very interesting for the people in IMTS 2022, and the juggling Robot was also displayed in this section.

People reacted surprised to see the robots hitting the ball and passing it to each other. The motor control hardware of the robots was mind-blowing. People who could not visit the booth in person watched the video and got surprised. Mechanical engineering is developing innovations, and it has improved technologies.

Whenever people visit IMTS 2022 or 2018, they experience incredible demos and robotics. This time the LENZE booth juggling robots in IMTS 2022 made people happy and wonder over the mechanical techniques being used to make the robot.

Some had questions about how the ball kept on juggling from one robot to another and wondered that it might have some sensors on the ball to recognize. This is another level of accomplishing robotics.

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