Impact of Starlink And T-Mobile Partnership on 5G: For the Betterment of AI Camera


It is a good initiative that Starlink and T-Mobile are getting together to make the positive effect of 5G on telecommunication and vehicles. Chris Piche, who has created the services like BBM Video, AT&T TV, STUN/TURN/ICE, and Poly Video, has also shared their thoughts about the betterment of AI cameras. Chris Piche witnessed the speed of the technology transfer to the market before founding Smarter AI. Smarter  AI emerges as the software platform for artificial intelligence cameras. Smarter AI is as much important to cameras as IOS and Andriod to phones. Starlink and T-Mobile partnership will help cope with the challenges of implementing V2X and V2V. V2X and V2V will have the capability to improve the Autopilot of TESLA.

Autonomous Vehicles, AI Cameras and Starlink

Next year, T-Mobile phones will be connected to Starlink, and President Mike has also announced the alliance between Starlink and T-Mobile. Mike Sievert said about the collaboration, “That is incredible because it’s a lot like putting a cellular tower in the sky, just a lot harder,” in the T-Mobile Event.

Smarter AI is important for the cameras for artificial intelligence; this time, the companies focus on transportation. Cellular services and 5G is really important for Vehicle camera systems. We can see the connection between Starlink, TESLA, and T-Mobile with autonomous transportation. It is observed that many competitors are using LiDAR for autonomous vehicles and do not rely on cameras, but it depends on the line of sight.

Mike Sievert further elaborated, “The connection here with Tesla, Starlink, and T-Mobile is all around autonomous transportation. Whether in Tesla or another kind of vehicle, today’s autonomous transportation relies on line-of-sight situational awareness. In Tesla’s case, they rely on some cases exclusively and other cases primarily on cameras and computer vision to try to understand what’s happening around the car.”

Companies and Smarter AI are working on developing the vehicle to everything else or vehicle to vehicle. This is an incredible technology where the cars will be able to see beyond the line, “These technologies enable cars to see beyond line of sight. Imagine you’re coming to an intersection and are planning to take a turn.”

The technology will help the driver see what is coming next on the street, which will require a fast cellular system and 5G speed to make this happen. This is the reason Starlink and T-Mobile are coming together to amaze the world. The best thing is that if the camera is inserted in the vehicle, it will update you about any obstacle on the way ahead.

“Imagine if there was a camera system located at the intersection. Imagine that as your vehicle is approaching that intersection, your vehicle could communicate with the camera, and the camera could tell your vehicle that there’s some sort of obstacle.”

This will help the passengers and drivers know about the hurdles, turn to make a decision, and the passerby, which require high-quality and speed communication such as 5G. 

Starlink and T-Mobile will help to implement V2V and V2X

It is one of the challenges in Automative technology to implement new innovations like V2V with 5G improvement.

“One of the challenges with implementing technologies like V2V or V2X on top of 5G is that 5G deployments tend to be pretty good and to get better in large urban areas.” 

Some people find that the 4G lite coverage is much faster than the 5G  connection, but the partnership between Starlink &T-Mobile promises to improve the 5G coverage.

“But this agreement with Starlink and T-Mobile has the promise or the potential to either eliminate or significantly reduce the spottiness in the 5G coverage, and that will enable technologies that are designed on top of 5G such as V2V and V2X to work either more reliably in urban areas where 5G is already available but is a little bit spotty.”

The work of technologies is useful for people to use when the connectivity is faster, and both companies are united to make things better in the world of technology.

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