Hyper X Naruto and Itachi Gaming Accessories Just Launched


Naruto is still remaining popular Anime despite launching many years ago. Although Anime launched many years ago, it remains an utterly strong influence in gaming and pop culture. When it comes to gaming, there is a limited Naruto gaming accessories Merch until just recently launched.

Hyper X has recently revealed limited edition products of different gaming accessories that allow users to choose between two of the popular characters within Shippuden and Naruto. Buyers can also pick between Itachi and Naruto, as these are two of the main characters of the entire franchise.

Hyper X Launch of Naruto and Itachi

According to the article by Tech Radar, there are two sets available for the buyers to choose from, and they bare either the Itachi Uchiha red style or the Naruto Uzumaki orange style. The reason for the red color in Itachi Uchiha is because of his involvement with the Akatsuki.

Hyper X has two sets in the gaming peripherals based on Itachi Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. These are styled in a trademark color palette with a bold orange for Naruto and a darker red color based on Akatsuki member Itachi.

They include a gaming keyboard, gaming headset, gaming mouse, and mousepad. Both sets can be purchased individually in the United States; the mechanical keyboard is $119.99, the mouse is $59.00, the headset is $109.99, and the mousepad is $39.99.

While choosing Naruto for one set is a no-brainer due to the main character’s status. As the pick for the villainous side, Itachi is a bit stranger until you remember how bad the guy roster is. The gaming collection seems high quality as it is already the great gaming product of Hyper X.

Limited Edition Naruto Mechanics

The designs of the peripherals are solid and accurately reflect the main chosen characters. Besides the keyboard, headphones, and gaming mouse, the most important addition of all is the gaming mousepad.

The main reason for the gaming mousepad being the best is that users can see the integral piece that holds the symbols of the two characters. It also includes text in Japanese for Itachi and the crushed bandana symbols.

Hyper X sells each peripheral at the same price, whether it is in Itachi or Naruto style. Hyper X Alloy Origins Mechanical keyboard Price has Naruto and Itachi style at the same price of $119.99.

Hyper X cloud alpha headset Naruto Uzumaki style price is $109.99, and Itachi Uchiha price is also $109.99. Hyper X Pulsefire Haste Mouse’s price is $59.99 for both styles. Hyper X Pulsefire Mat Gaming Mousepad’s price is $39.99 for both Naruto and Itachi styles.

There are certain ways you can order the Hyper X Limited Edition. To order the new limited edition Naruto gaming accessories from Hyper X, buyers must go to the website and add them to the cart. They need to place their shipping details and get the guide from the short video to place the order for the accessories from Hyper X.

The article by Tech Radar stated that the previous gaming products of Hyper X as high-quality products. Buyers would have to decide whether the Naruto Uzumaki-themed or Itachi Uchiha-themed gaming accessories fulfill the expected quality. Users are already eager to experience these incredible gaming accessories. Many Naruto Anime lovers are already placing their orders, and it will be interesting to know the reviews after that.

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