GoPro Hero 11 and Hero 11 Mini are Announced


After almost a year of silence, GoPro finally emerged and revealed their brand new products – the Hero 11 and Hero 11 Mini. Both these devices have an upgraded sensor that can capture videos and photos in a crisp 8:7 aspect ratio. The designs of these models are slightly different, with the most notable difference being the Hero 11 Mini’s size form factor.

GoPro Hero 11 and 11 Mini Specs

The Hero 11, much like its predecessor, has the same design format, housing a 2.27 – inch touchscreen display on the rear end and an LCD panel on the front. The main difference comes in the camera, where a new 27 – megapixel sensor allows you to capture sharp and vibrant photos with a wider Field of View. The Hero 11 continues to prosper in the video recording department, where it can record up to 5.3K videos at 60 fps and 4K at 120 fps. Additionally, the camera is waterproof; otherwise, it wouldn’t be a GoPro. The camera unit houses a 1720mAh battery that can last days and be charged conveniently with a USB Type-C cable.

The Hero 11 Mini also comes with the same groundbreaking technology and specifications as the regular version; however, in a much more compact form factor and without a touchscreen. Due to its size, it’s perfect for anyone who loves shooting in constricted spaces.

GoPro is known for its groundbreaking video modes and software stabilization. This time, they take it up a notch by adding 3 new modes; Vehicle lights, Star Trails, and Light Paint which are purely fabricated for low-light scenarios. In addition, an AutoBoost feature is added to their HyperSmooth stabilization software, allowing you to record seamlessly even in the roughest terrains. Another feature is the Automatic Highlight Videos, which takes all your recent videos and compiles them.

GoPro Hero 11 and 11 Mini Expected Release

The GoPro Hero 11 starts at $399 without a GoPro subscription and $500 with a subscription. On the contrary, the Hero 11 Mini is priced at $300 without a subscription and $400 with one. The Hero 11 will be available today, while its smaller version, the Hero 11 mini, will be available from October 25th

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