Furious China As Google Refuses to Remove Protest Anthem from its Search


In a rare act of defiance against the Chinese government, Google has refused a request by Hong Kong authorities to remove a protest anthem from its online video platform, YouTube. The song in question, “Glory to Hong Kong,” has become an essential part of the protests currently occurring in the city and has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on the video-sharing website. 

HK Protest Anthem Background

The protests began in June 2019 when Hong Kong citizens took to the streets to peacefully demonstrate against a proposed extradition bill that would have allowed suspected criminals to be sent to mainland China for trial. Since then, they have grown into a much broader campaign calling for greater democratic freedoms and an end to police brutality. The protest anthem at the center of this controversy has become an integral part of this movement. It is now being used as an unofficial national anthem for protesters in Hong Kong. 

In response to the request from Hong Kong authorities to take down the protest anthem from YouTube, Google issued a statement saying that it would not comply with their demands because it did not believe that removing it was “in line with our policies or values.” This means that despite pressure from Beijing, Google is standing behind its commitment to freedom of expression and will not censor content unless it violates its policies.

In response to this protest anthem request, Google stated that they had not found any violations of their Community Guidelines or Terms of Service with regards to “Glory to Hong Kong” or its related content. They also said that they always take into consideration local laws when making decisions about content on their platform. However, in this case, they chose not to comply with the request from the Hong Kong government due to freedom of expression considerations.

Additionally, YouTube issued a statement saying that while they understand governments have different views on certain topics, such as political speech and religious expression, these are fundamental rights protected by international human rights law and standards that YouTube stands behind strongly and will continue to uphold around the world. Protest anthem removal from the searches was denied.

This is yet another example of how tech giants are taking a stand against government censorship and are refusing to bow down to pressure from authoritarian regimes. It is also worth noting that this decision shows just how powerful these platforms can be in empowering people around the world who are fighting for their rights and freedom. 

Google Search Bar

Final Take on Protest Anthem

At a time when governments are increasingly trying to control what we see online, companies like Google are making sure that our right to access information remains intact and free from any attempts at censorship or control by outside entities. By standing up for its users’ rights, Google has sent a powerful message about protecting freedom of speech online – one that will hopefully reverberate far beyond this particular issue. So the Chinese government delivered a strong message in response to the protest anthem removal will lead to unexpected consequences.

Google has made it clear that they will not be removing the protest anthem “Glory to Hong Kong” despite requests from the Hong Kong government. This decision is based on their commitment to protecting freedom of expression for all users around the world regardless of their local laws or regulations.

It is clear that Google values free speech above all else and will continue doing so even in difficult situations like this one and has strongly refused to remove the protest anthem from its search. Ultimately, this decision reaffirms our belief in free speech online and sets an important precedent for other companies who may find themselves in similar situations in future years.

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