Google Pixel Watch: Price & Colors  Details


Recently, the highly anticipated and the most awaited google pixel watch information about its price and specifications was leaked, and it does not look amusing to tech fans. According to a report, the non-cellular version of the Google Pixel Watch will be priced at less than $350, and for the LTE version, the price can exceed $400 to hit the shelves next month. If we look at the google pixel watch specs, then it seems that there is no surprise in the quality, yet it is overpriced.

Google Pixel Watch Specs

Google is preparing at least seven bands for this most awaited google pixel watch, and there can be more trims expected from google when it comes to the buying deck.

There are some important specs and two versions of the google pixel watch as follows:

·         LTE version: The colors of the LTE version are Silver/Charcoal, Gold/Hazel, and Black/Obsidian.

·         Wi-Wi version: The colors of the Wi-Fi version are Gold/Hazel, Black/Obsidian, and Silver/Chalk.

·         Display: OLED, 1.4 inches, and 450×450 pixels.

·         Loudspeaker: The loudspeaker is available, but no 3.5mm jack. No radio, USB, no card slot in the watch.

·         Sensors: gyro, accelerometer, heart rate, compass, Spo2, and barometer are one of the features of the google pixel watch.

Google has already given premium link bracelets and woven steel mech designs, but now it is preparing stretch and fabric bands for the versatility of smartwatches. The watch’s memory will be 1.5GB RAM 32GB, with no card slot, and the battery type will be Li-Ion 300 MAh. Google pixel watch seems to have a smaller battery, and it will be able to unlock the Chromebook and paired phone.

Is it worth buying a google pixel watch at such a high price for a smartwatch?

If we look at the google pixel watch specs, it is evident that Google is focusing on the software side rather than offering great and latest hardware specs. Although the Pixel Watch looks minimalist and clean, the high price of a smartwatch is still hard to digest. If you notice the specs, it shows that the google pixel watch will have the Exynos 9110 system on a chip, and that chip can be easily found in the Samsung smartwatches back in 2018. 

The 1.5GB of RAM and 32GB of storage memory are not pushing the already set 2022 standards. It is likely to have a negative surprise for the fans of the smartwatch as the minimum price of $249 is set when they can buy Galaxy Watch 5 for $100. Buyers would find the google pixel watch high-priced yet not with much innovation. 

The reports from 9to5Google added further that the European price could be even higher than Google’s demands for the google pixel watch in the home market. It still seems that the google pixel watch will dilute as a great smartwatch as compared to Apple Watch, its formidable rival. 

The watch will be launched on the 6th of October with Pixel 7 smartphones at the “Made by Google” event. There is a rumor that the watch will be able to get charged fully in 110 minutes which seems very slow than other smartwatches in the segment.

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