Experts Warn: Soon, China May Dominate the US in Key Technologies


Currently, The united states of America is leading china and other nations in various key technologies, but experts analyzing the current situations warn the United States to buckle up.

Last year a meeting of US official executives was held in Washington, where a concern related to the techno-economic issues was raised, elaborating that China is gearing up to dominate the US in advanced key technologies. And the United States may have an uncertain future, losing its historic dominance to china and many other nations in key technologies like computing and communication.

The meeting’s agenda was to ensure that the US is deployed to win the techno-economic competition in the next 10 years (2021-2030), a critical window to shape its future.

How did the American officials respond to the threat?

The Officials seemed to agree with the current situation, and juke Sullivan – the white house security advisor, during his daily briefing at the summit said, “ We know that nothing is inevitable in maintaining America’s core strength and competitive advantage in the world,” Sullivan said. “And we know that it has to be refreshed, revitalized, and managed, especially when it comes to America’s technology leadership.”

Juke Sullivan assured that government is fully aware of the scenarios and has been working towards it.

Another official, National security adviser during trump’s government HR McMaster stated “It’s not going fast enough, because we’re so far behind, because there are too many years of complacency based on faulty assumptions about the nature of the post-Cold War world”. He showed his concern to pace up the processes and be more active to block china’s advanced technological movements, saying “We need export controls now, to prevent China from gaining a differential advantage.” [while] maintaining our competitive advantages”

5G wireless internet technology as a warning

Both the counties have been ensnared to dominate the various next-generation key technologies such as Artificial intelligence and 5G networks. 5G a wireless internet technology refers to the fastest and most present-day mobile network technology that ensures the fastest downloading speeds and supports the critical infrastructure. This is the main reason it is considered to be a very crucial technology for both parties.

The US lags far behind china in this technology development and it’s a huge warning to the USA.

Artificial technology competitiveness:

In a report issued by Citi, it was mentioned that the US still leads 47 economies via AI. Citi said that it isn’t surprising as most renowned software companies have their headquarters in the US.

It was stated that China, ranked second on the list is likely to emerge as a strong independent ecosystem for the artificial intelligence industry following both geopolitical and economic reasons

China’s Long-term plans and strategies:

In recent years china is emerging as a powerful global competitor for the nations including the US and other dominating powers. China has some plans to execute in near future hoping it would turn it into a world leader in advanced key tech areas:

  • In 2017 china made an announcement to become a world leader in AI by the year 2030.
  • China is currently battening to unveil its 15-year blueprint known as China standards 2035, which will outline its plan to propel it to set global standards in the future.
  • In 2015, China released a “Made in China 2025” Plan to overcome the world’s high technology manufacturing states.

China perceives innovation and technology as key to developing national strategies and has a very long-term view of national capabilities to become a global power. Short-term thinking strategies and the slow pace won’t work for the US if it’s preparing to win the superpower marathon with china. 

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