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Canva is quickly becoming more than simply an accessible graphic editor. At its Create event, the Australian firm announced the release of four new products meant to bolster its portfolio: Canva Docs, Canva Websites, Canva Whiteboards, and Data Visualization are the included. It is just growing an now aiming new target. We believe that Canva wants to be a famous and fully professional one suite as Microsoft Office etc.

In addition to enhancing its current print services, it is introducing its background removal technology for videos. The 2021 release of Presentations will have a remote control function that will let presenters utilize external devices (like a phone) as digital clickers.

Canva claims that 85% of Fortune 500 companies use its design tools and that users include FedEx, L’Oreal, and Salesforce. Canva for Teams, released only last year, has over 4.4 million paying clients, but its next worksite will follow the same freemium model as the rest of its offerings. Like the company’s other product, Teams, the work suite will include collaborative tools that enable users to edit documents simultaneously.

You should expect comparisons to the Google Apps or Microsoft Office suite with any product that falls under the “worksuite” category. Obrecht, though, insists that it has no intention of taking on industry giants like Adobe or Microsoft. It is more of a visual-first partner to these other technologies.

With 85 million users across the world and 180 designs being made every second, Canva has released its new Visual Work suite. As its popularity grows among businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of fields, It is replacing other design tools in the workplace. Over ten thousand LinkedIn job postings at major organizations like American Express, Amazon, TikTok, LEGO, and Google specifically mention knowledge of Canva, demonstrating the high demand for this expertise.

The company’s collaborative all-in-one design solution, Canva for Teams, has been adopted by over 4 million paying customers, ranging in size from large enterprises to small businesses, to equip their staff with the tools they need to meet the growing demand for visual communication within the workplace. This has increased by three in the last twelve months as firms migrate from more cumbersome, outdated design tools to their unified platform.

Canva’s CEO Note

Canva co-founder and CEO Melanie Perkins. “It has been incredible to see the continued growth of it over the last few years, as more and more people embrace the power of visual communication to unlock their creativity and achieve their goals. With the launch of our new Visual Work suite, we’re bringing simple design products to the workplace to empower every employee, at every organization and device.”

You just need to ask a long-time internet user to see the aesthetic difference between the internet today and even just a few years ago, and you’ll hear that it is mostly to blame. A graphic design online app entered the scene, simplified the design tool, and made it available to everyone, completely altering the internet’s aesthetic quality.

The firm has been successful for some time now, so it has chosen to grow by releasing not just one new product but a whole line. In addition to Docs, Websites, Whiteboards, and Data Visualization, the Canva Suite was announced during the Create event.

Canva purchased Flourish, a London-based data visualization firm, a few months ago. Flourish’s innovative software helps users transform complex data into visually appealing charts, graphs, and other visualizations.

Canva’s new suite will include useful tools such as an expanded selection of print products, video background removal, and a remote control option for presentations that lets the presenter link their phone to it and utilize it as a digital clicker.

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