Call of Duty going to last beyond Deal on X-box


Call of duty is one of the most famous games and has a large following. People worldwide have been playing this game for years on PC and X-box. X-box just made a heart-catching announcement for call of duty lovers that they can enjoy playing it for years beyond the deal. All call of duty players and x-box users appreciated this news and showed their love for both.


Microsoft CEO said they would continue the franchise of game of duty beyond the deal between Activision and sony. More, Phil spencer said that sony has already sent the guarantee to sony for the release of Call of duty on x-box far later than the contracted years. More, experts say it is a very crucial deal for sony too. Sony is getting its most serious thing and believes that call of duty carries a gaming industry under its name. They believe that this game can play an important role in their firm and lead to better growth, and has the potential to creat new opportunities.


After its debut in 2003, the video game Call of Duty revolutionized the single-player shooter genre and won multiple games of the year honors in 2003 and 2004. It is a video game created by the American studio Infinity Ward and published by Activision. Its World War II setting allows players to experience the conflict through the eyes of American, Soviet, and British soldiers. It’s a revitalized genre popularized by games like Doom and Quake by combining difficult single-player objectives with a multiplayer engine.

This game has been ruling the gaming industry for decades and is expected to continue. So it is very vital for both sony and Microsoft in this industry. Both are seriously concerned about the call of duty and signing guarantees with each other for a smooth and plain future. It is confirmed that sony will have this game for play station in the coming years.


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