Apple’s Big Surprises of 2022: Check Them Out


The year 2022 has certainly been an eventful one for tech giant Apple. From the launch of its new products to major announcements, Apple has kept us all guessing. Here are the seven biggest surprises that Apple has had in store so far this year! 

1. 5G iPhone 14, 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max

The biggest surprise this year was the release of the 5G capable iPhone 14, 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max. Released in September, it was the first 5G-enabled phone from Apple and came with improved features like better battery life and improved cameras. It also featured a new design, with a flat-edged body and a redesigned camera system, making it stand out from other devices on the market. 


2. MacBook Air M2

In July 2022, Apple released its first-ever Mac computer powered by its own processor, the M1 chip. This year saw them update their popular MacBook Air laptop to run on the same processor as well, meaning users could now get up to 18 hours of battery life from their device!

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3. iOS 16

With iOS 16 came several major changes to how iPhones operated, with widgets now able to be placed on home screens and App Clips allowing users access to apps without having to download them. Other changes included app libraries helping organize your home screen and picture-in-picture allowing users to watch videos while doing something else on their phone at the same time! 

4. iPadOS 16

Alongside iOS 16 came iPadOS 16, which made some big changes for iPads too. This included improvements such as being able to use an external trackpad or mouse and a new ‘Sidebar’ which made it easier for users to move between multiple apps at once!  

5. AR Glasses

One of the biggest surprises this year was Apple’s announcement that they were working on augmented reality glasses! It’s not yet known when they will be released, but rumors suggest that they may be ready as soon as next year, probably 2023!  

6. New iMacs

After years without any updates, this year saw Apple finally release an entirely redesigned version of its iMac desktop computers! This included slimmed-down designs featuring improved displays and processors as well as support for Thunderbolt ports meaning faster data transfer speeds than ever before!

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7. App Store Changes

In June 2022, Apple announced some major changes coming to its App Store, including stricter policies on developers and more transparency about why certain apps are allowed or not allowed into the store. These changes have been met with both criticism and praise from developers around the world who have seen their apps affected by these changes in different ways.

Apple has certainly surprised us all throughout 2022 so far with many exciting announcements and product launches! From iPhones running on 5G networks to AR Glasses potentially coming next year, there’s always something new coming out of Cupertino these days – whether it’s good or bad remains up for debate amongst consumers worldwide! Regardless of what you think, though – one thing is certain – we can’t wait to see what comes next from Apple in 2023!

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