Apple VR headset: What is the hype?


As multiple rumors are doing the rounds, it is believed that the Apple VR headset will soon be out. So far, there has been no official announcement, however the CEO of Apple, Cook, has definitely termed this technology to be one of the “profound technologies” while calling it essential and necessary. This will give a tough competition to the existing headsets, it is yet to see how severe the competition may be.

Main feature of Apple VR

Mixed reality is the main feature of the Apple VR headset. It will consist of cameras that will work externally. It will be able to recognize gesture control and hand-tracking. There is also a surprise there, which includes that there is a chance this headset will be turning VR around by creating a virtual keyboard which can make the user type while using their hands on air. 

How many cameras does the Apple VR headset have?

There will be at least twelve tracking cameras which is quite amazing to say. They can give sufficient reports to 2 displays of 8k adjacent to the eyes of the user. LiDar sensors are another great feature to look forward to in the much hyped up headset! The cameras can be very helpful in order to understand that 

When is the headset most likely to arrive?

It should be out and in use in around early 2023 which is, we can safely say, in a few months. Hence the excitement level of users is at an all time high. This brings in many predictions by people who are wondering more and more about the features as each day passes. 


The pricing has been decided before arrival. It will be approximately $2000 and above. It comes with a new M2 chip and 16GB of RAM. Combined with the Apple Watch it can actually be great for the fitness routine of Apple lovers. The Apple VR headset has a solid battery life as well which is great for long term users. The display is next level technology and what the future looks like. 

The great news is that Apple smart glasses and contact lenses also may arrive soon which could be in a few years. This is showing great advancement for Apple for coming out stronger than the rest in comparison with its innovative stance on devices. New technology is proving to be properly availed by the tech giant that is ensuring that it gives tough competition to Samsung.

Well, in conclusion one has to know that one cannot exchange reality with a VR set so one has to be very careful with what one is doing, and how many hours is one putting in the headset because at the end of the day one must not lose the actual reality frame of mind. However, in moderation VR headsets are actually quite cool and something to pass your time with productively. So it is only a little wait, and then a lot of fun for VR lovers in early 2023.

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