Apple Announces date for Airpod Pro 2


Apple announces release date for Airpod Pro 2. Airpod Pro 2 will be unveiled on 7th September and will be available for the public soon. Previously they were announced to be released in 2021, but unfortunately, they aren’t, and now it is confirmed that they will be released in September.

There is more: Apple will launch iPhone 14, I phone 14 Pro, and Apple Watch 8 Pro along with Airpod pro 2. These all are in Apple’s premium series and ready to steal the tech world.  It is in the air that apple tried to get rid of Stem in these premium earbuds. There are more chances of mics and wireless antenna to be set for active noise cancelation. Noise cancelation is not available in apple’s previous models, and this feature distinguishes these earbuds from other series. 

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