Are Your Cryptocurrencies Secure? 5 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets for You


Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that can be sold, bought, invested or traded on special tech-based blockchain technology. The protection of Cryptocurrency is an important concept in the crypto world because numerous frauds and hacks have happened, so it is necessary for cryptocurrency holders to gain technical knowledge before stepping into this highly volatile, invisible, and ever-fluctuating market.

Crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and dodge, which are based on blockchain networks, are the major targets of hackers. According to CNBC and Chainalysis news, to date, more than $1.4 billion has been stolen. The record-biggest cryptocurrency hack was worth $615 million from Ronin, a well-known no-fungible token game Axie Infinity.

Hackers try to approach the private keys or strings in the form of letters that are quite similar to the password, preferably applying to access the Cryptocurrency. In case hacks access your private key, then it can easily be transferred. Mr. Parker, a head of business development at bitcoin, added that Cryptocurrency had become low-hanging and easy-to-pick fruit for cybercriminals or digital hackers

What are Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets are the tech-based line of codes on the server to secure digital currency, just like physical currency we store in a safe or bank. Usually, when newbies step into cryptocurrencies through some exchanges and save their holdings in these sites’ custodial wallets.

There are severe exchanges. Few are centralized, and other decentralized funds facilitate the trade of bitcoin, Doge coins, and Ethereum giving cryptocurrencies built-in wallets to store the crypto.

List of Exchanges Cryptocurrency Wallets

CoinbaseAllow to store, trade, and trade 

Easy to use for beginners 

Lower exchange rates fast and secure P2P transactions.

Coinbase is safe and safe.

It’s a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. 

Best customer service response
ZBXRegulated crypto-exchange 

Allows dealing in cryptocurrencies, including Tether, Cardano, and, Aeternity. 

Fast P2P transactions facility ZBX has no exchange fee ZBX is safe and safe.

It’s a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.
BitfinexAllows bank transfers. 

Best P2P bitcoin exchange Moderate customer service 

The platform allows low deposits for crypto and fiat currency trades 

Bitfinex provides extra Security by storing crypto in cold storage wallet
KrakenOther than bitcoin and Ethereum, Kraken allows using Kraken tokens to buy other coins and currencies

Kraken exchange has a strong built-in reputation in the crypto industry and

Provides a safe crypto wallet to store crypto.

Customer service is not good enough. Users often get delayed responses.
BinanceAllows only crypto-to-crypto transitions 

Worldwide reach and low transaction costs comparatively 

Built-in exchange functionality with Bech32 and SegWit, which are very secure

Are built-in wallets provided by the exchanges safe?

The cryptocurrency industry is still under threat and many security features need improvements. Many newcomers that step in leave their currencies in exchanges own wallets due to many reasons. For example, funds can be moved easily in trading and investing places with minimal or no conversion costs.

The chances of hacking in online exchanges are more than separate wallets as these platforms are more vulnerable and easy targets for hackers. Exchange wallets such as Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, and Coin base are at the crossroads of millions of dollars. Mt Gox officials added that their customers lost 750,000 bitcoins in 2014. In 2017, NiceHash faced a $60 million scam online fraud in an online exchange wallet.     

Cold Storage Wallets To Keep Cryptocurrency Safe?

It is a conventional belief that if you love to carry money with you all the time you must put your assets in digital form. On the contrary, if an individual wants to hold assets or money in the long run, then it must be placed in a safe and secure physical place.

In order to keep the cryptocurrency safe, cold storage wallets are the best lockers in the form of computers or USBs, which are completely disconnected from the internet connection and are considered hard or cold storage wallets to save cryptocurrencies.

The benefit of using cold storage wallet is keeping Cryptocurrency safe.

  • By using cold storage wallets, investors can feel relieved that their assets are saved from hackers.
  • Cold storage wallets cannot be accessed until their holders connect them with any online device.
  • The primary keys remain unexposed even when the cold storage owner signs in.
  • Users can hold multiple types of cryptocurrencies in a single solid storage device.
  • When users agree to make a transaction on cold storage wallet, transaction verification is needed on the hardware device
  • The majority of hackers attack and access hot storage wallets through the programmed method, while to access cold storage data, they can’t access
  • Cold storage wallets are of many types in the market to keep Cryptocurrency safe.

Types of Cold Storage Wallets

Simple form cold storage wallets allow the owners to print the document containing private and public keys with an offline printer. The paper contains a soft QR code that can be used to sign in and make transactions possible whenever users are willing to do. There are various other cold storage wallets, such as hardware wallets, sound wallets, deep cold storage, offline software wallets, etc.

Final Verdict

Cryptocurrency safety is a burning issue and the paper has covered a detailed review. Any cryptocurrency exchange or hot wallet connected to the internet is vulnerable. Hardware or cold storage devices work in offline mode and provide un-breech-able Security.


The cryptocurrency market experienced a boom and fall with time. It is a totally uncertain and unpredictable market. Hackers and scammers are active in the cryptocurrency space, so it is mandatory for cryptocurrency owners to first understand the safety, scammers, and terms & conditions.

In cold storage, Users can hold multiple types of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency-safe cold storage wallets are the best lockers in the form of computers or USBs, which are completely disconnected from the internet connection and are considered as hard or cold storage wallets for safe cryptocurrencies


Are cold storage wallets help to keep Cryptocurrency safe?

When we talk about cryptocurrency safety, two types of wallets come to our mind: cold and hot. Hot wallets are the online connect wallets either provided by the exchanges or special wallets. Hot wallets are highly insecure hackers can easily approach them through hacking. At the same time, cold storage wallets are hard drives, USBs, and offline computers.

Are wallets provided by the exchanges risky?  

Most of the time, wallets provided by the exchanges are connected to the internet, so the chances of losing the key to hackers remain a big risk. However, exchange wallets are often used by newbies in the cryptocurrency world. Experienced traders and investors always prefer to have a secure or cold wallet to hold Cryptocurrency in the long run.   

What are the security precautions to keep Cryptocurrency safe?

Take regular backups of bitcoin wallets. In case the computer fails or dead, you can recover your bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Secondly, keep regular updates of bitcoin wallets; otherwise, unauthorized transactions become easy for hackers. Apply security features of multiple signatures. By doing this, you can make transactions and Cryptocurrency safe. 

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